Super Power Paleo

Paleolithic diet nowadays is considered to be one of the most popular methods for losing weight among models and most of the actors in Hollywood, as well as the common program for gaining muscle mass among athletes and fitness practitioners. The guide by Barbara House features over 90 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that will make your body get rid of excess fat. The main feature of the Paleo diet is that it does not require the use of certain standards and allows to eat as many calories as you want.

It is enough to ensure that all the products and dishes that are included in the diet, look-alike nutrition products during the Paleolithic. With this method, you can learn to control what you eat and cook very tasty and interesting high-quality dishes and natural products.

It is noteworthy that this program is not limited to using mineral fats and carbohydrates, in contrast to most dietary techniques. After the cessation of weight loss, weight gain is simply impossible, as it is energy-dense by itself. However, choosing a Paleolithic diet, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as well as to consult with a nutritionist.

This technique has several advantages, namely: it promotes normalization of blood sugar level, which in turn leads to the absence of sudden attacks of hunger and fatigue, and also reduces the risk of diabetes; reduces cholesterol in the blood, is the prevention of heart diseases due to the unsaturated fat contained in the products of the Paleolithic diet; It helps athletes build muscle, lose weight and lose those extra kilos. This is due to the content of protein in foods allowed during the Paleolithic diet, as well as a combination of lean meat with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Super Power Paleo by Barbara House

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