Organic Total Body Reboot

If you want to make your dreams come true or just become a successful person you need to be a healthy person. I create a list of very simple healthy lifestyle rules. Read them if you want to take care of your health. By the way, if you want to lose weight or just get some extra energy, you need to download Thomas Delauer’s book Organic Total Body Reboot, which helped me to lose weight. If you want to live longer and make your life better, you need to follow simple rules:

1) Sleep 7 – 9 hours every day. You can sleep 5 – 6 hours per day it depends on the reaction of the body.

2) Food consumption is not allowed to:

  • mix many kinds of food at once, for example, soup, steak and fried potato, cake, and tea/coffee;
  • “overeat”, you should eat one small portion per meal and it is normal to feel hungry after that;
  • consume sugar, cakes and sweet juices(candies and sugar are allowed, but not every time);
  • drink water before eating or 1-2 hours after eating;
  • eat after 7 pm, in fact, you can eat one apple maximum;
  • eat fruits after lunch/dinner. A person should eat fruits before lunch/dinner (30 min before eating);
  • avoid meat or eat meat with vegetables. Vegetables are helping the body to burn proteins faster;
  • drink more than 2 cups of tea/coffee;
  • eat 2-3 hours before going to the gym or before physical activities;
  • eat chips, sweet juices, energy drinks, coca-cola, etc.
  • drink alcohol, try to avoid alcohol and smoking;

3) Eat more fruits and vegetables! The food consumption of a healthy person should consist of at least 60% of fruits and vegetables.

4) Do not overheat food during preparation otherwise food will lose all vitamins and micro minerals.

5) Be active! Take 5 min break every 1 hour if you sit too much at work (walk, stretch out, etc.).

6) Move! Visit the gym or find more time for other physical activities.

7) Pay attention to how you sit and walk! A wrong spine position can cause many serious problems in the future.

8) Hygiene in the first place! ( wash hands before and after eating and etc.)

9) Enjoy more in life! More happiness and less stress will keep you healthy for a long time. Also, emotions are very important for our mental and physical health.

Organic Total Body Reboot by Thomas Delauer

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