Custom Keto Diet Plan

Ketogenic refers to a diet that is low in carbohydrates. The diet gives you more calories from fat and proteins and smaller amounts from carbs. Keto diet helps your body to take in less carbs that are easily digested, such as white bread, pastries, and soda. With Rachel Roberts’ eBook “Custom Keto Diet Plan” you will know exactly what to eat to lose fat. Highly recommended!

How the Keto Diet Works

When you consume less than fifty grams of carbohydrates daily, the body remains without blood sugar (fuel) it uses rapidly. It takes an average of three to four days. It then begins to break down fat and protein for energy; this makes you to lose weight. This process is referred to as ketosis. Keto diet is only a short term plan that focuses on weight loss and not health benefits.

Who can Use the Keto Diet?

People use the Keto diet for weight loss purposes, though it may assist in managing various medical conditions, such as epilepsy. It can also help in managing heart ailments, various brain illnesses, and acne, though more research is required about the same. Consult your medical practitioner to be advised if you can use the diet.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

1. Weight Loss

The Keto diet may assist you to lose more weight after using it for three to six months as compared to other diets. The reason behind this is that your body takes extra calories to get energy than to convert carbohydrates into energy. Also, a high-protein, high-fat diet satisfies your body more, helping you to eat less.

2. Cancer

The insulin hormone allows your body to store or use sugar for energy. The Keto diet makes the body to burn this energy quickly, meaning that it doesn’t store it. Your body requires and produces less insulin; the low insulin levels might assist in protecting you from different types of cancer or in slowing cancer cells growth.

3. Heart Diseases

It’s strange that the Keto diet provides more fat and lowers “bad” cholesterol and raises “good” cholesterol. Lower insulin levels that are associated with this diet may stop the body from producing more cholesterol. You are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart failure, hardened arteries, and various heart diseases.

4. Acne

Carbs are linked to acne; reducing the amounts you consume may help in managing the condition. An insulin drop resulting from the Keto diet may help in stopping acne occurrences.

5. Diabetes

Low carbohydrates in the Keto diet lower the blood sugar levels; when the body burns fat to get energy, it produces ketones. In particular, if you are suffering from diabetes type-1, excess ketones in the blood may make you unwell. It’s important to consult your physician before starting on the diet if you suffer from diabetes.

6. Epilepsy

Keto diets help in controlling seizures caused by epilepsy. The diet has been used in managing epilepsy seizures from the 1920s.

7. Nervous System Disorders

Various nervous system disorders affect the spine and brain, and the nerves that connect them. Some of these disorders include sleep disorders, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The Keto diet helps in managing these conditions by protecting the brain against cell damage.

8. Keto Diet Side Effects

There aren’t serious side effects associated with the Keto diet. The most common ones include indigestion, constipation, and low blood sugar levels. Others include irritability, weakness, fatigue, headache, and bad breath.

Custom Keto Diet Plan by Rachel Roberts

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