The Salvation Diet

Many people think that starvation/fasting is another way to lose a couple of extra kilos. In fact, the main purpose of fasting is detoxication. Fasting activates the metabolism on the third or fourth day of fasting appears a burst of energy. The immune system is strengthening and that starts a self-healing process even chronic diseases such as allergies or arthritis take a lighter form or even go away completely.

That is the theory but how it works in practice? First, you need to download The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?. Chris Walker’s guide presents a unique diet for losing weight with the help of fasting/starving.

How much can lose weight if you starve?

So, what you can expect after seven-day starvation? If you will not exercise during fasting you will lose near 6 kg.? The body begins to spend reserves of carbohydrates stored as glycogen at the beginning of fasting (100g in the liver, 400 g – muscles). The entire stock of glycogen (500 grams or 2000 kcal) will go away on the first day of fasting so you will lose 3.5 kg (0.5 kg per 3 liters of glycogen and connected to the water).

And only after taking away all of the glycogen stored in the body ( and not before!) will start the breakdown of fats. By the way, for this reason, the daily starvation does not affect body fat and it will not help you to lose fat on belly and thighs.

The results of seven-day fasting/starvation

So, what will happen when you continue with fasting? If you will not exercise ( and during starvation you will not have the strength and desire to exercise in the gym), your body will spend up to 2500 kcal, which is enough to burn 350 g of fat. So, in seven days you will lose 0.5 kg of glycogen, 3 l of water and 2.5 kg of fats – only 6 kg. The body also dissolves a few muscle fibers, because it has a daily requirement of protein, the absolute minimum is 25 g per day.

Preparation for the starving/fasting

Before you can start fasting, you need to properly prepare your body. Before the beginning of the process, you should practice a juice diet, which means that within 3-5 days you should drink only fresh juices. For breakfast, it is preferable to drink fruit juices, and for lunch, brunch and dinner – vegetable juice.

In addition to juice, you can drink water distilled better because chlorinated or fluorinated can prevent detoxification. It is also well-suited to drink water purified by reverse osmosis method. You should drink at least 12 cups of water per day.

Also, you should walk every day for at least 30 minutes, but not more than 2 hours. You should rest more when you will start the starving process, spend more time in bed if you need it. Leave stress from the outside world behind you. Also, it is a better option to take a vacation while you are fasting.

When fasting the body begins to break down stored reserves and its own tissue and, in this case, start acidosis process of the internal body. The manifestation of acidosis (acidification) starts on the second day. During this process may appear weakness, nausea, headache. Usually, it is enough to walk in the fresh air, take a shower, clean the bowels by enema and all these unpleasant symptoms will go.

The Salvation Diet by Chris Walker

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