The Man Plan

Do you want to improve your figure? You are overweight and don’t know how to cope with it? Download Dan Anderson’s guide right now and discover the secrets that are so effective that nothing from your earlier problems with the figure will be left. Those who wish to improve their figure, need to start from the smallest. The biggest mistake that people make when they begin to make an exercise plan is too high demanding. Believe me – start from a small. Worry later about the load and intensity.

The key rule at the beginning is to make sure that it is a pleasure, and the load was within your power. Once you have reached a certain level of training, you can increase the load. It may be only a three-kilometer running or a 20-minute walking three times a week. Your body has to get used to the load, so you need to increase the volume only if the body has adapted to the current level.

But do it gradually. For example, no more than once every two weeks. Soon, you may want to increase the intensity of exercise. For example, try to sprint (faster sprint) instead of the slow and long run. This can be applied not only to running. High intensity increases calorie consumption. But this can not last long, and it is not necessary to do so. Just alternate between such training and everything else.

Assign yourself the time and place of training. Highlight it with red in your schedule  – let this event be just as important as your birthday. If you can train on certain days and at certain times during the month, you have more chances to make exercise your habit.  The sequence will help to make a habit constant.

The Man Plan by Dan Anderson

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