Belly Fat Furnace

My greetings to everyone. Today’s article is going to tell you how to make your belly flatter. You can’t get fast results without reading Glenn Richards’ book Belly Fat Furnace. This article will just give you several tips, which perfectly suit girls, but even some young guys can find some useful information inside. Because in order to make your abdomen flat and fit, you need to follow a healthy diet and perform fitness exercises. You can’t remove your belly in home conditions without the knowledge of these questions.

A healthy diet for a flat belly

We recommend you to follow any low-calorie diet, decrease the consumption of fast carbs (when choosing carbohydrates, give preference to those from sweet fruits and porridges). You need to limit or avoid:

  • Any fast-food and fatty food, smoked food, salami, and mayonnaise.
  • Sweets, white bread, and chocolate.
  • Alcohol: all spirits are extremely high in calories and they remove water from your body.
  • Salt: it keeps water in your body, which can result in uneven distribution of body fat and edema.
  • You need to control water consumption. You have to drink 1.5 – 2,5 liters of fresh water, according to your weight and level of physical activity.

Rules and techniques of exercises for abdominal muscles

In order to resolve the problem of your belly in home conditions, you need to remember the following rules. Your back has to be rounded, hunched, without bending at the waist. When you perform all exercises, only your abdominals have to work, you have to avoid tension in the lower back and muscles of your legs.

Abdominal exercises must have a lot of repetitions, as their purpose is not to build muscle mass, but to burn excess fat on the abdomen. You can start with 20 repetitions, increasing their amount day by day. Some people say that you don’t have to count repetitions, performing them until you feel that your muscles are burning.

It is recommended to stretch after each exercise: you can lie on your stomach, lift your upper body on your hands, take a deep breath and bend back, feeling the stretch of corresponding muscles

How to make your belly flat?

Callanetics, fitness, and aerobics are inseparable and friendly sisters. Inspect them and spend time together. Do you spend a lot of time with your friends? Why not do the same with your new “gang”?

Develop strong-willed efforts: cook cakes, donuts, pies, and other sweets, but do not eat even a bite. Are you sad? But your stomach is also sad, because of him you “sacrificed” all the taste.

Independently to your birthday date and zodiac sign, you need to eat buckwheat. Anyone can cook it. If you are really bad in the cooking process, you can find some recipes on the package of it. Eat it every morning. Your morning has to stay in your memory all the time.

Please remember that additional centimeters of your waist may result in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Take care of your waist right now, because it may be late tomorrow.

Belly Fat Furnace by Glenn Richards

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