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Overweight is a problem that should concern you from the initial signs it is detected, in order to avoid doctor’s appointments. Meanwhile, regular medical examination will not be superfluous and will help to reveal at early stages all signs that in the future can lead to overweight and all problems connected with that.

A person gains overweight if he eats more than the body expends every day. Overweight, and so obesity, leads to many health problems and shortens life.

First, the reason of overweight is improper nutrition. People consume significantly more calories than they expend. Sedentary lifestyle, passion for fast food, imbalance of nutrition – all these are precondition for weight gain.

However, overweight is not only an aesthetic problem. This is a serious threat to health, as extra pounds might cause a long rap of various diseases.

Firstly, these are diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension and diabetes are constant companions of obesity. It is known that obese people suffer from hypertension 3-4 times more often than people with normal weight do. The connection of overweight and diabetes is explained in increasing sensitivity of a body to insulin that leads to violation of carbohydrate metabolism and development of diabetes of the 2nd type.

There is a group of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which arise precisely because of overweight – it is arthritis and arthrosis. Impairment of respiratory organs functions show significant abnormality with obesity. The vital capacity of the lungs can be significantly reduced compared to the norm, which depends not only on changes in the sizes and compression of the lungs, but also on respiratory difficulties associated with metabolic disorders in the lung tissue.

It is clear that overweight creates psychological problems and lowers self-esteem. The list of diseases provoked by overweight can be even longer. Treatment of all these diseases is possible only in conjunction with weight loss. Scientists have proven that even a slight decrease in body weight leads to improvement in the overall state of the body.

How to eradicate overweight? First of all, you need to remember that you need a long-term diet. Of course, having a strong desire, you can lose 18 kg in 40 days, as the advertising promises, but this way is doomed to failure. Reducing the level of leptin due to the sudden weight loss will lead to increase of daily meals (doctors call it compensatory) and the weight will be back again.

An important principle of weight loss is the use of relatively safe methods of treatment (no more dangerous than diseases that are possible in the cases of obesity). Doctors are convinced that it is better to lose 10 kg and keep a new body weight that will reduce the risk of complications, than to lose 40 kg in a short time and then gain 50 that will only accelerate fatal consequences. On a diet, you should remember the fact that the body should receive vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, micronutrient and other necessary elements. Otherwise, you will lose weight, but will face many other health problems.

As you can see, losing weight without a scientific approach is dangerous for your health. That is why I strongly recommend you to follow the advices from the book below. You will surely learn something new for yourself in weight loss problem. With determination and patience, you are sure to succeed. The main thing is not to give up and move towards your goal. I am glad that I have this opportunity to help my readers and I am confident that you will succeed. I wish you to become slender and beautiful again.

Lean Body Hacks by Randy Smith & Mike Zhang

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