The Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint

The Blissfully Diet Free Blueprint is a book about teaching yourself how to lose weight properly and also how to keep it off. Katrina Inez takes you through her emotional journey of how she went from a size 24 down to a size 14 and is still losing weight.

A major health setback with a dangerous blood clot on her leg still wasn’t enough to stop Katrina from overeating her way to an early grave until one day the shame forced her to find a better alternative to dieting to lose excess body fat and keep it away for good.

The e-book does not focus on meal plans, counting calories, exercise routines or using your willpower to overcome food cravings, but what it does do is help you to focus on the right mindset for guaranteed success with your weight loss regime, quickly ridding yourself of negative self-beliefs that have been holding you back for years and helping you to design the right environment you need to successfully shed the pounds.

In fact, Katrina explains that traditional weight loss tools are actually sabotaging your efforts to slim down. The method takes you into your subconscious inner self and completely changes the way you think, feel and act towards food.

Katrina promises to teach you a natural way to overcome things like emotional eating and to transform your relationship with food and to teach you about different dieting techniques that are currently on the market and that are also pretty useless when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Katerina Inez’s guide offers an alternative view on weight loss, ditching the conventional ideas about eating less and moving more. Katrina claims that you can, quite literally, have your cake and eat it as food deprivation isn’t part of her system.

The Blissfully Diet-Free Blueprint by Katerina Inez

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