Cat Spraying No More

Very often, the owners of our four-legged friends, along with all the charm of this member of the household, are faced with a problem; how to wean a cat or a cat relieves itself in the wrong places.

Do not forget that cats are very distinctive animals. Therefore, we must be very attentive to your pet in all senses. It is a mistake to believe that the presence of food, water, and a pan is enough for the normal life of a pet.

Therefore, before attempting to wean your beloved cat to write anywhere, you need to make sure it has the emotional and physical comfort. Because at the heart of such behavior usually is the lack of proper care of your four-legged friend, which concerns all forms of animal life.

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Does your tray always shine and smell good?

The most common cause of problems with the tray is an unwanted odor and wet puddles in secluded places. The first thing that can be done is to replace the filler. It is not necessary to limit yourself, changing only the flavor of “stuffing.” It is necessary to try to change the size, shape or composition of the material used.

If you notice that your favorite pet is visiting your toilet and secluded places, it may be necessary to try to change the tray, as it is not in the vehicle. It is possible that he simply became too small, or lost their attraction to it. You can purchase a second tray. For most cats, because of its cleanliness, prefer to celebrate “different” the need for separate trays.

It is also very important to remember the clean litter box. It can also be a cause that is easy and simple to prevent: a regular basis, not just changing the contents and washing the tray each time you change the filler.

I am sick!

Painful associations can cause reluctance to visit your cat tray. It is a kind of cry for help. It thus gives you an understanding that it bothers them. That is why it is important to visit a veterinarian. When the animal is healthy, the problem of how to wean your favorite cat relieving itself in the wrong places will disappear by itself.

You do not love me anymore!

When they relieve themselves in the wrong places, sometimes it is a protest. Thus the behavior of the cat is trying to attract attention. Incorrectly assuming that the pet is hungry and simply pour food and fill the tray. The pet is in need of a kind word, in the caring hands stroking warm from the hostess.

So think about it, how many times did you shrug off your cat, citing fatigue and lack of sentiment. The penalty in this situation will only aggravate the situation. Took special care if the house has a new pet. The cat may also spoil the corners because of jealousy, as a result of switching focus to another loved one.

Cat Spraying No More by Sarah Richards

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