Build a Container Home

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase Container Home? Many people immediately present themselves with the idea of a small-sized housing, cabins, or a very simple and inexpensive bungalow. We will not argue about the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive option for a home but will try to persuade you with other arguments.

It may be difficult to imagine, but it can be quite possible to build an office and residential building from containers, which can be multi-story, multi-family, and very comfortable. This type of house construction has long and successfully been used in the Americas and Europe. Look at Warren Thatcher’s book “Build A Container Home” if you are interested in building a house of containers. In his guide, you will find everything for the successful construction of this type of housing.

Where the Container Home came from

The original person behind the idea of the construction of such houses is unknown, but the promotion of this type of home construction began with American architect Kalkin Adam. Thanks to him, the first house of fairly well-known containers were built. It was created as an experiment of 3 sea containers.

Sea containers used in construction have already been charged, so the acquisition of them does not contain a big problem, and they are quite cheap. The process of building a house and did not require any significant investments, so these homes have received a lot of popularity in places where tornadoes often occur.

And today a lot of designers and architects continue to build public and residential buildings from containers, which are embodied in the life of their creative ambitions. There are houses built from containers that are acting not only as houses, but also commercial, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants. It is also worth noting a huge plus, it is very easy to dismantle and install it in another place, if necessary.

Furnishing the Container Home

This all depends on the preferences and tastes of the owner. The walls can be clad with plasterboard or paneling. The main thing to remember is that you should avoid dark colors in the decoration since the size is not the biggest. White color and light colors to help visually expand the space.

In addition, you can expand the space using mirrors in interior decoration. With the help of these techniques, you can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere of a country house that will make your stay in the country a welcome and enjoyable one.

The rugged construction allows for a window to be cut out at any part of the walls. For example, one of the end walls can be made ​​entirely of glass. In addition, you can do one of the walls of the folding that will protect glazing from vandals in a closed position, and if it is cast away, there will be a great terrace, the floor of which is covered with boards. On the terrace itself, flower pots and portable garden furniture can be set for a comfortable living environment.

Build a Container Home by Warren Thatcher

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