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If you had to go through financial difficulties or you don’t know where to get the money to fulfill a certain desire, then it can be concluded that you are unable to convince your subconscious mind that you should always live in wealth and abundance.

You also probably know people who work only a few hours a week, and in spite of this, earn a lot of money. They do not torture themselves with hard work. Do not think that you can earn money by toil and in the sweat of your brow only. On the contrary: the easiest solution is the best. Do what is in your heart, and what brings you pleasure.

I know one employee at the executive level in Los Angeles, who gets about us $ 150,000 annually. Last year, he made the trip, which lasted 9 months, and visited the most beautiful places in the world. He told me that he had convinced his subconscious that his work is worth the money he gets.

He expressed the opinion that many of his colleagues, who gets only $ 3,000 a month, understand in their work more than he does, but they completely are lacked the ambitions and creative ideas, and they in the slightest degree are not interested in the miraculous powers of their subconscious.

Wealth is a matter of mind

Wealth is nothing like a subconscious belief, nurtured by a specific person. Naturally, you will not become a millionaire, just simply repeating: “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire”. You will reach this purpose only when you have the correct mindset, providing thoughts about wealth and abundance an important place in your thinking and feelings. By the way, Stephanie Mulac’s book “Chakra Activation System” describes in detail how to do it.

Your invisible sources of income

The mistake of many people is that they don’t have invisible sources of income. They feel helpless before dismissal from work, any loss of income, any losses of their enterprises. But only a person who doesn’t know the way to countless treasures of the subconscious reacts this way.

He, who is afraid of poverty or considers himself a poor one, will become poor. And a person whose thoughts are focused on wealth, he will soon live in abundance. You can be rich because your words are able to clear your mind from misconceptions and replace them with correct thoughts.

Mental setting to the achievement of wealth

Maybe you, reading this, will say, “I would also like to have wealth and success”. You only need to do the following: repeat mentally three or four times for about five minutes, “wealth – success.” These words have enormous power because they represent the infinite power of the subconscious mind. Concentrate your thinking on this force inside of you and the desirable circumstances and conditions will appear in your life soon.

Never forget: someone who feels rich, he is rich. Your subconscious mind is like a bank, it is the financing division of all desires. Any thoughts and desires that you deposit there – whether they will be in the form of wealth or poverty – they all will be multiplied in the form of interest and compound interest, both in good and in bad. So choose prosperity and abundance.

Why did not their insistence help them?

Over the past 30 years, I spoke with many people, and often they complained: “Weeks and months I told myself: “I’m rich”, and nothing happened.” I soon discovered that saying “I’m rich” “I am wealthy”, they felt that they just lied in fact. Statements of this nature can be performed only when they express a clearly formulated thought, and do not cause internal contradictions.

The life circumstances of the above-named person deteriorated only because he in fact always thought about poverty when he was talking about wealth. Your true thoughts and true feelings are always imprinted in your subconscious, but not just empty words and statements, devoided of any faith. Your subconscious takes into account solely the idea, that is dominant in your conscious. Thank you!

Chakra Activation System by Stephanie Mulac

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