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For a successful game of World of Warcraft, you need to build a building, establish new bases, create units, and continue upgrading. There are countless ways to do this. More details can be found in Zygor’s guide. For now, we will consider some basics.

Without fail you must build an army. Sometimes, you must pause construction while you earn more gold in order to upgrade buildings or increase your skill level. But don’t forget that once you reach a gold level of 40, you will start earning 7 points instead of the original 10. Once you reach the limit – 70, you’ll start earning just 4. Many players never exceed the limit of 70, and I don’t recommend you do it until you develop on a micro level.

Watch your extraction. The maximum amount of gold you can extract, in units, is 5. This isn’t StarCraft. If you think that by throwing 7-8 slaves into the gold mines, you’ll win based on speed, you’re wrong. The best strategy is sending approximately 4-6 units of woodcutters into the woods.

Start building your hero as early as possible. The hero is the most important unit. He has many helpful skills and a very large amount of lives.

Level your hero. You need to start leveling him from the moment you have 2-3 units. This isn’t necessary. If you have KotG, DH, BM, FS, or AM you don’t even have to wait for units. However, with the help of units, your hero can very easily overcome creeps. Among players, there is a certain understanding – creeping.

Creeping is the destruction of neutral units in order to gain experience. If you kill a creep you earn gold. A gold number and a plus sign will appear on the screen. Sometimes, you need to kill them in order to earn more gold for building purposes.

Concentrate on developing your hero in 1 or 2 skills. It is always better to buy the second level of magic than the first level of something else. Once you reach level 6 you will earn a unique magic skill. Take it without a second thought as it is truly a strong skill.

The maximum amount of heroes you can have is three. Many play using only one hero, but this is rare. It is better to create two or even three heroes for your game. However, don’t forget that the experience that your heroes earn is divided among all of them. This means that it will take longer to increase their level.

Try not to have your hero killed in battle. It is always better to leave and heal instead of losing your hero. If you lose your hero, you’ll lose money. The higher the hero’s level, the more you paid. Second, summoning another hero will take time, which also depends on the hero’s level. If your hero dies, your army will be left without a leader, this will ultimately lead to your defeat.

Never enter a fight if you are not prepared and your army is inferior in size or quality. Your hero must absolutely participate in the battle.

Zygor: World of Warcraft Gold Guide by Donald Erickson

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