The New Science Of Goal Achievement

Everybody must have wondered at least once in their life, why some people’s dreams come true and other people’s don’t. Why do some people realize their dreams easily and others wait the life for them to come true? Life’s unfair is possible the answer which occurs first. But is it true?

What if life is fair and all the dreams, each one, are to be realized; and all that is to be done is just the right way to tackle the process. This process is not chaotic as it may seem but systematized and needs definite rules to be carried out.

Maybe pursuing your dream you do something that you shouldn’t?  For finding this out I recommend you The New Science Of Goal Achievement program. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn how to achieve your goals. You can download John Assaraf’s book following the link at the bottom of the page. Also, I’d like you to try, at least as an experiment, to keep several commandments with which help you may be a step closer to fulfill your dream.

Don’t rush the time

Surely you want your dream to realize as soon as possible. But remember, the bigger, the more global, the more cherished your dream is, the more time it will take to come true. Therefore there is no need to rush the events.  Dream globally, learn to wait.

Don’t keep silence

You’ve heard that for your dreams to realize it’s better not to tell them out, haven’t you? That’s a lie! You should speak out loud about it, scream for the whole world to know. Let everybody know what you dream of. Don’t be afraid of jealousy, you don’t have yet what you’ve been longing for. But the energy of collective expectation will be only useful. Besides, if everyone will be aware of it, sooner or later someone who can facilitate its realization may appear.

Don’t sit twiddling your thumbs

You must remember an anecdote when a man was asking God to give him money but didn’t even deign to buy a lottery ticket. This is the thing. If you want to realize your dream you must do something for it. You never know what can help you to fulfill your dream. If you want to become a photographer, take pictures hundreds of times, everything you wish, one day even a most mediocre photo can make your portfolio unique.

If you want to travel around the world, make friends online with people from other countries, what if someone should ask you for a visit? If you day-dream for a car, don’t be afraid of visiting show-rooms, even without money, what if you should suddenly become a one-millionth visitor and win a luxurious prize?

The New Science of Goal Achievement by John Assaraf

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