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On this page, I would like to give you some tips on the game Elder Scrolls Online. To get more information on how to play this game, download MMORPG Gamers’ eBook now!

Tips for the game Elder Scrolls

Do not forget to search the opening location: it has a lot of unlocked chests where you can find picks, money, and equipment. Part of the location is unique, and all who are in it are as well.

If you are “stuck” in a conversation with an NPC, type in chat or press the “‘”, or select the e-mail interface. Carry as many lockpicks as possible! They can be found in chests, wardrobes, drawers all over the world, and you can buy from merchants as well. Read more about lockpicking with the help of picks in this article.

You can move through your map (M) any open trip ticket stone for gold, but if you go to the nearest store and take advantage of it, the “transportation” will be free of charge. Your inventory at the beginning is 50 slots, which can be increased to 110. The first 10 costs 400 gold, the next 10 already up to 2000.

Inventory can be increased with horse bags, but it is a questionable waste of horses as eventually, you will be able to open maximum inventory slots for money, and you will not be able to re-bleed a horse. However, if you want, you can have two or more horses.

All characters have the same personal bank, one on your account. If you press and hold the Q button, Quick Access toolbar opens, where it is possible to select the active element. After a quick click on Q, the element will be used. Do not forget to explore the area in search of heavenly fragments (Skyshards). Tips about their location can be found in the section of your Achievements Journal (J).

The game does not have an auction! Things can be sold to vendors, through live chat, personal trade or guild shops. Nested skill points can be redeployed for the high cost of gold, with no progress buildup of branches and skills will not be lost. Nested points characteristics can also be reallocated, but the price will be even higher.

You can be a vampire or a werewolf, while at the same time be apart of the Fighters Guild. When you enter the Mages Guild, the availability of the Library Shalidora will open, where you can read all Lorne books collected by you for the progress of the Guild.

Eidetic memory will be available later, and you can read not only Lorne recordings but generally any note found in the game. When you go to an area of another alliance, its entire content is equal to the level of 50. Most of the trapped chests are located along the coast. Always check the chests in houses: there may be the book for crafts style race.

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