The Shyness And Social Anxiety System

Hello. This post focuses on how to stop being shy and timid in different situations. In this article, I will explain why you shouldn’t be shy and give you a series of practical recommendations on how to get rid of this characteristic of the individual. I, personally, since early childhood, and until just recently, was very shy and because of this, experienced many difficulties in communicating with other people. It was difficult to reach many goals. At the moment, I have achieved good results in the fight with my weaknesses and enjoying the result of getting rid of it.

Why do you need to get rid of shyness?

The point is that shyness is very unpleasant and, moreover, absolutely unnecessary quality, which you must get rid of. It is useless because it does not give us, literally, anything, but only takes. Take, for example, some other human quality, for example, a fear of something. On the one hand, we risk losing many opportunities because of the fear, as we will never be strong enough to cross the line.

On the other hand, fear protects us from unnecessary risk: we are afraid of dangerous situations and, therefore, avoid them, unless we think the risk will justify itself. Fear has negative and positive, protective, functions; I wrote it in the article about how to get rid of fear.

You can’t say it about shyness. If we follow this feeling, we just deliberately deprive ourselves of many valuable perspectives. We are afraid to approach the person who we like and get to know her (him). We won’t start an unpleasant, but important, conversation with our friend and, thereby, delay the solution of the problem and aggregate the situation. We are afraid to go to the authorities and demand a reasonable wage increase.

In general, we simply refuse something pleasant: acquaintances, prospective opportunities, achieving our goals and desires! And for what? For the sake of a feeling, that hides deep inside of us. And what do we get in return? Absolutely nothing. Shyness does not guard us against anything and does not help us. It only limits our abilities and cultivates other harmful personalities: the self-doubt, weakness of character, exposure to another’s influence.

Timid people are easily manipulated because they are afraid to firmly defend their position, their own opinion and, in the face of a stronger personality, are timid, allowing the latter to impose their will. By the way, be sure to download Sean Cooper’s book “The Shyness and Social Anxiety System“. The author of this guide provides a really good method on how to get rid of shyness. I recommend!

Shyness produces a negative effect on others

Your shyness causes both instinctive and conscious rejection from other people. Moreover, you yourself may feel that you are very sensitive, polite and considerate, never allow yourself anything superfluous and do not disturb other people for anything, and, thereby, produce on them a very positive effect.

Although, in fact, it turns out that you create the opposite impression. Excessive timidity and shyness are demonstrations of some weaknesses and, as a consequence, do not appeal to others. In the best-case scenario, you just build up not the very best impression about yourself. In the worst – someone will take advantage of your or will just start treating you not in the most polite way, as you have already shown, that such treatment is acceptable for you. Thank you for attention!

The Shyness & Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper

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