Charming Her

By | November 6, 2018

Seduction is the science that has its own rules, patterns and exceptions. If we follow the elementary rules and pay attention to details one can have an incredible success with the girls. But it is necessary to dwell seduction on the direct contact with the girl. Sometimes it is difficult to find unique words that cause surprise, make smile and attract the girl. Therefore, a man should know how to seduce a girl with words. The main question is with what words one can seduce a girl? By the way, in a new book “Charming Her” describes a unique and very effective way of seducing women with words from the first minute of dating. Honestly, I was surprised with that book. I think no girl can resist to a guy who owns this method of seduction. You can download the e-book by the link attached below.

One often can meet a man who does not spend a lot of the time thinking about the original words for the introducing with the girls. Such a shame. After all, on common “Hello! My name is..” Will not answer any girl. But if you think more about that situation, you can achieve a lot. The experienced man knows how to seduce a girl. Sometimes is enough to say “Hello!” And just smile politely.

Or some interesting phrases that do not leave indifferent girls, such as: “I can’t leave without knowing the name of a nice girl”, “You are so beautiful that I forgot where I was going”, “You are not wrong, I’m coming right to you”.

So, first of all, communication should build like you are two friends-lovers. How to seduce a girl with words? Do not ask questions like: “Where you study / work?”, “What are you doing?”. Just ask, “How did you spend your day?”, “Another good day at work?”. And you can also tell her what happened the other day with you or with your friend. Important: relaxed communication and everything needs to be taken not as acquainted with the girl, but as a communication. Besides, any man should know with what words he can seduce the girl: the compliments, of course. Tell her that you like the way she looks today and about your experiences and thoughts, perhaps these words are what she wanted to hear. And most importantly, make communication as positive as it possible. As there should be no negative information or bad news. Also do not lie, behave naturally in order to make communication simple and effective.

The most important thing – take a closer look at the girl, try to guess her hobbies and mood, and then question “how to seduce girl” will not be so important and you will enjoy in pleasant communication which can grow up into something bigger. But no matter in a relation, the one who put a lot of work in it will appreciate it most. This is the paradox: the one who is the most interested in the relation – will lose more. Also, he/she will be forced to “invest more” in the relationship, the more person investing – the more he/she appreciate relation and it is the easier to make him/her to do something else. We can call it deflationary spiral. It turns out that if you will give presents to a girl, accompany her home, solve her problems, then your goal make her love you is doomed to a failure and the opposite effect. You will be in love with her, you will add more and more value to the relationship, and she can manage with you. You will fall in love with her much more than she.

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