The Woman Men Adore

Happy private life, real and eternal love and happy family – almost everybody is dreaming about those things, but not everyone becomes happy in his or her private life and can find a beloved one. Many people are still lonely even if they have a family and children. And a huge amount of people can’t find their second half during their whole life, thus suffering day by day.

I know that it hurts because I was searching for myself and was suffering from being alone. It’s almost impossible to accept such a situation, but the worst case is when you simply don’t understand how to find your second half and which exact steps to perform in order to deserve this appointment of fate.

By the way, “The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave” book clearly explains how a woman can find a man of her dream. The most interesting is that all tips from Bob Grant’s guide really help to solve that problem of second-half search. And for now, let’s look closer at methods, which will never bring you any success.

Trying to get your desired person with some dubious occult practices, e.g. love spells, curses, hypnosis, etc. Such methods belong to the darkest side of our world, which can’t bring anything good or decent to a person.

Try to take a man from another woman, or, which is even worse, trying to destroy a family, especially if such a family is lucky and they have kids. Such action is a severe sin. Any person, who did such things, will lose all the support of Light Forces for a very long time until he or she pays in full with suffering.

Of course, you don’t need to go to occultists, dark magicians, etc. You can’t know, who are their counterparts in the invisible word and what will you pay for your own desires. E.g. what’s the reason for having your second half if you don’t have your soul (because you will use it as payment)?

You can’t defy the second person or family. Many people are staying alone because they are deifying subconsciously (or consciously) another person, i.e. they are putting him or the family on the place of God, starting to serve (idolize). According to spiritual laws, a person receives or loses everything that he or she idolizes.

All other pathetic and disgusting methods – temptation, deception, setting independence, blackmailing (such as pregnancy), etc. Such methods will only create your own path to hell, but will never make you happy. You can’t find real love with those methods for sure, but you will get hatred and scorn really easy. So, think twice before making a net.

There are several other prohibited methods, which are totally useless

Waiting and performing nothing! It’s totally useless just to wait, without moving forward, waiting that your second half will just fall down from the sky. Inactivity – brings you suffering and death.

To suffer and grieve! Suffering destroys you, but will never bring you closer to your goal, they are simply useless. It’s simply stupid to suffer waiting that higher power will give you the second half.

Changing nothing in your own life! For example, when a person says that he or she wants to be loved and to love, but does nothing, sitting at home and being scared of everything new.

Avoid any changes in yourself! It’s stupid to wait for a prince if you look ugly. You need to become a princess to find a prince. Compliance – this is one of the main elements of happy relationships. People who plan to live long and happy lives have to be close emotionally and have similar goals and principles. In order to find a decent person you have to be decent yourself, thus you need to grow and develop as a personality.

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave by Bob Grant

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