Ex Attraction Formula

Number of questions “Do I have a chance to return him?”, “Is there a chance that he will return?”, “Can I restore the relationship?” etc., which the readers ask me in letters, exceeded a thousand. First I tried to explain why this question was not entirely correct, but when it did not help, I had to resort to a formal answer – “There is always a chance”. Well, if you also read the guide by Elizabeth Stone, then surely everything should turn out.

It is unlikely that a girl who has no problems in the relationship will look for a book similar to this on the Internet. She does not need it. Unfortunately, women and girls download such books, when something has already happened that most did not want – the relationship is destroyed or there are other, no less serious problems. Readers try to drown the pain in the heart and expect to receive consolation and hope.

Humanly, it’s all clear to me and close, because I, too, experienced a break in relations in due time. But here, on this site, I act as an expert, and not as a comforter and a donor of hopes. My task is not to regret and hope, but to help solve the problem. But to solve it or, at least, to try to do it, one can objectively assess the current situation, even if this assessment is not pleasant.

To what extent is the question of whether there is a chance? I have to disappoint all those who ask, but to ask the question by type: “Do I have a chance to return my boyfriend?”, At least, incorrectly (if not to say – stupid). Because the answer to it is known in advance: “There are chances!”. The concept of “chance” is defined as the probability of doing something, even if this probability is negligible. So clearly follow the plan from Elizabeth’s manual and you should get it.

Ex Attraction Formula by Elizabeth Stone

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