Conversation Escalation

Have you ever faced a situation when you are sitting on a date with a beautiful girl and after a long discussion of various things, you don’t know what to say? Or maybe sometimes you just can’t start a conversation with a beautiful girl?

I had such situations before too, but I started to develop knowledge in this field. My tips will help you to hold a conversation, make it more interesting and bright. Perhaps, if you follow all tips, you will hear from her, “wow! you are so interesting and cool!” Do you want to know more?

Then, just go and download Bobby Rio’s book Conversation Escalation aka Make Small Talk Sexy. You will get also more than 8 hours of audio recordings, which will tell you how to hold a sexual conversation with your girl, and how to get laid with any beautiful woman. Now you can read several tips below, while your guide downloading to your computer.

Be original. It may sound old and pathetic, but I want to say that you don’t need to talk only about routine, discussing in the work-studies-weather format. Usually, such conversations are boring, only if you are not working as a club promoter and she’s not studying in the Institute of Space and Astronautics Science.

Men are usually holding a logical conversation with clear facts, while girls are more emotional, i.e. they need feelings, emotions, and sensations. Use it and try to be emotional. If you are telling about your walk on the beach in Florida, tell her about the wind, which was flowing on your face, about the sun, which was so bright that you had to squint, while your feet were on warm and crunchy sand.

You can also tell about your feelings at that moment, as well as about new ideas and images in your head. Pay the highest attention to details, because it’s really important.

At the very beginning, you’d better talk about both of you. Try to know more about each other. Thus you will get to the initial level of trust.

Ask such questions, which require more detailed answers and can develop your conversation. Let’s call them quests. E.g., “what were you doing last summer?”, “what was the best day in your life?”.

Prepare 5 interesting stories from life, it can be anyone’s life. But stories have to be emotional, funny, beautiful and contain almost any information. If you feel that your date is going in the wrong direction, use one of such stories, by starting it with, “By the way…”

Write 10 really interesting themes for a conversation on a paper. You can simply involve them in your conversation. E.g. “travels – where were you, where was she”, “relaxation – what does she like, clubs, exhibitions, parties”, “fashion and style” and even “first love”.

You can try to dream together. “Which three wishes would you want if you caught a golden fish?”, “If we found one million dollars, what would we buy on it?”. Create a dozen of such starters yourself.

About sex. It can be a really powerful way to get closer. Talk with her about sex, but do it only if you have some kind of connection already. “Her and your first experience”, “what excites you and her more”, “what would she do if he became a guy for just one day”. Such talks will excite both of you.

You can play a question game. Rules are incredibly easy. You just need to ask questions one by one. Such a question may have any form or character. You need to answer only the truth and you can’t repeat questions. You are the first to ask. Usually, you will start to talk about sex already during the third question 🙂 you can also play many other games.

If everything is really bad, try to use psychological self-discovery games (cube or Strawberry Fields), routines and metaphors. You can find more information on Google. But I really don’t recommend you to do that, because it’s much better to show your creativity and improvise.

Conversation Escalation by Bobby Rio

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