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Cholesterol is a component in the body, which is referred to as lipids. The main part of this material is produced by the liver – more than 80%, the other 20% comes from our consumed food. For the first time, cholesterol was found in gallstones. This substance is necessary for the whole body as a construction material, in large quantities is necessary for the liver, muscle, and brain, as well as for the formation of the sex hormones.

What to do if you have high blood cholesterol. How to lower cholesterol at home without drugs – in this article we will look at a variety of drugs, foods, dietary supplements, as well as folk remedies. All of them are able to lower your cholesterol. What to prefer – your choice.

Bad and good cholesterol: what’s the difference?

HDL or so-called “good” lipoprotein is able to remove cholesterol from the artery wall. Regarding the “bad” LDL lipoprotein, it is engaged in the transportation of cholesterol from the liver in arteries. There he is deposited in the form of cholesterol plaques. LDL carries 75% of cholesterol through the body. This type of cholesterol can sometimes be oxidized, transforming into an unstable molecule.

Therefore, it falls within the arterial wall, thus creating the risk for the organism. The antibodies are produced on oxidized LDL lipoproteins in the body. The last ones are produced in copious amounts so that they can provoke an inflammatory process that creates the subsequent damage to the artery wall.

Moreover, experts have shown that cholesterol, which is oxidized, reduces the nitrogen oxide, which in turn provokes the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. “Good” HDL affects us positively: removes cholesterol from artery walls, transporting it to the liver. In addition, HDL prevents LDL oxidation, while maintaining arteries in a normal condition.

By the way, the guide by Colin Carmichael presents a unique methodology to lower cholesterol without medications. Following the rules from it, you’re sure guaranteed to stabilize the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Simple Tips for lowering cholesterol

In the case where the degree of cholesterol has reached a dangerous point, and if atherosclerosis begins, physicians recommend a variety of treatments that are capable of rapidly reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood. However, in addition to pharmacological products, a healthy lifestyle habit is very important too. Here are a few useful tips. Try to follow these simple guidelines, and your cholesterol levels will start to decline without the use of drugs.

  • Avoid snacks such as sandwiches. It is better to switch to vegetable oil or significantly limit the use of butter. Change of only this habit can lead to stabilizing cholesterol levels.
  • Switch to soy products. Cheese, sour cream, cream, eggs – all this for you is contraindicated from now on. Soy diet is rich with proteins, and it will help you lose extra kilos, and give up the bad foods.
  • Eat lard in small amounts. It contains a lot of cholesterol. In order to somehow compensate it, add more vegetable oil or fish. At the same time, Ukrainians consume lard and garlic knowing that garlic utilizes fat faster.
  • Keep an eye on the use of saturated fats and replace them with olive, corn, linseed oil.

Preventive measures are always better than treatment. That is why keeping a diet, working out, and giving up bad habits will help you maintain optimal cholesterol levels for many years. There are many useful folk recipes that clean the walls of the arteries and helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and are good for overall health. I wish you never to get sick! Thank you!

Crunch Cholesterol by Colin Carmichael

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