Greetings to all the followers of a healthy lifestyle. Today we are going to discuss once more how to perform proper exercises at home. Firstly I want to try to prove to you that it’s possible to get buff muscles at home and it’s not necessary to visit a gym and eat a lot of food addictions.

All gym visitors are telling that it’s useless to train at home, and they are right. If you want to grow your muscles, you need to stress them constantly. You need to increase your weights, giving your muscles more and more stress. Your muscles will grow, of course, if you follow a proper diet.

But gym visitors have their own goals: they want to become extremely giant and perform in various bodybuilding challenges, therefore they can’t train at home. But the usual person, who wants to lose some kilograms from the belly and become fit can find everything necessary in the book CT-50.

Let’s look at the muscle gaining process from a point of view of a person, who just wants to have a fit body. He or she doesn’t need giant 56 cm biceps or chest, which is bigger than his girlfriend’s. He or she just wants to have a nice athletic build, with which he or she can safely go to the beach in summer and show off amazing abdominals and chest.

Training at home is the best and the easiest way for such people. One can get the best results with Tyler Bramlett’s program. The author of this system really knows how to train a body at home. I’m telling you based on my own experience.

So, how can one build muscles at home? It’s pretty easy, but you need to be patient and reserve your willpower. First, you need to understand some simple rules, without which you will just lose your time without getting any fit body

Rule #1– proper diet

A proper diet gives you 85% of muscle gain success. You will just lose your time if you don’t pay attention to what you eat. And I don’t want to tell that you need to eat everything you see as an elephant. By saying “proper diet” I mean:

  • That you need to increase the number of proteins in your meals (meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese). If any normal person needs 0.5 grams of proteins per one kilogram, you need to consume at least 1.5 grams per kilogram of your weight;
  • You definitely need to reduce the number of consumed carbohydrates, but we still need them to sustain life and energy that is needed during exercise. Therefore you need to reduce consumed carbohydrates, especially fast ones (sugar, bread, pastry).
  • Try to consume slow carbohydrates (oatmeal, buckwheat, pasta) and only during the first half of the day. Your dinner has to contain only food rich in proteins, adding some vegetables or fruits.

Rule #2 – cardio

Our muscles will not be stressed with heavy dumbbells and barbells. We will use another type of stress. Best fitness professionals recommend cardio training. Cardio will help you to improve your “durability” and lose excessive weight.

These two rules are just a minimum base for your body transformation at home. Tyler’s body transformation system will help you to reach amazing results in a while. You definitely need it if you want to workout at home!

CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett

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