Show and Go Training

By Donna Jean | March 6, 2019

Eric CresseyHow to become fit for a man? Find the answer to this question in the book ‘Show and Go Training‘. Only with two regular trainings for two months, you will become stronger, faster and much slimmer than before. If you reduce the amount of calories through a well balanced diet and increased consumption of calories, exercising as much as possible, then you will be in a good physical shape. A side result is the loss of excess weight. If everything is so simple, then why most people can not achieve their goals regarding health and shape? Why is the question to lose weight man is so badly discussed? The answer is that we become more and more sedentary and inactive, and with it more lazy. Today, everything is done for our convenience – everything from the food we eat, to the transport we use.

The answer lies in our motivation and determination, the installation of success. The same thing happens with the career and business: some succeed, while others simply go with the flow. In order to achieve success, you must work hard and have the will to win – qualities inherent is not for everyone. To achieve something, and especially lose weight for a man, you must have a goal. So, before you start to exercise, define for yourself the following two types of goals. First – this is your personal goal, the reason why you want to exercise, for example, reduce your waist from 97 cm to 90 cm. Second is the ultimate goal, to achieve which you need to be more fit. This can be a overcome of the five-kilometer race, a charity bicycle race or a weekend trip. These goals should be reasonable and achievable. Be healthy and never give up!

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