TACFIT Commando

By Donna Jean | March 16, 2019

The main task of the special forces instructors is to put an officer in the most difficult conditions that soldier can handle during the fight and hone the ability to survive and fight until last breath. That is why the training of special forces around the world looks like a torture, not a workout.

But if it is hard to learn during the training, then it will be easy in a fight! Did you ever think about the level of physical condition of army officers and special forces troops? This information you can find on this page. By the way, there is a unique TACFIT Commando system of training by Scott Sonnon. With this, you can easily pass any test of endurance..


The test is conducted to evaluate the endurance of soldiers and consists of push-ups, crunches and run 3.2 km. The standards vary depending on the age and sex of the soldiers.

Great Britain

Men: 44 push-ups, 50 crunches (2 for every exercise), and run 2,5 km in 14.5 min maximum.


To get into the armed forces, it is necessary to pass a physical training consisting of 15 push-ups, 45 twists and multi stage shuttle run. In general, the recruits must run 1.12 km in 6.5 minutes. They have different standards for air, land and sea forces.


In Singapore’s army individual test is conducted from push-ups, crunches and 2.4 km run. But instead of standard regulations here recruits awarding points according to special scheme (depending on the age, gender, number of repetitions, etc.). From 04.01.2015 Government bring new rules and the results are divided into 5 categories

61 points and more: it is the minimum for the soldier on active duty and norms for “promising” recruit

75 points and more: “Silver winner”

85 points and more: “Golden winner”

90 and more: the level of commandos and the guardsmen

How does it work? For example, to become a member of the Special Forces, a 25-year-old Singapore man should make 58 push-ups, 58 crunches and run 2.4 km within 10.5 min – 90 points total. The system is very adjustable, for example you are not good in running, but you can do crunches and push-ups – then you can earn maximum points on these exercises, and less on running.


The minimum requirements for the recruits you can find on an official Russian Ministry of Defense website. Russian Special Forces checking 3 physical qualities: strength, speed and endurance. The recruit under the contract can choose one exercise for each of them.

Strength: men under 30 years should do 45 push-ups or 10 pull-ups; women  under 25 years old should do 12 push-ups or 25 abs workouts(bending trunk forward).

Speed: running 60 m within 9,8 sec, (12,9 for women) or 100 m within 15,1 sec (19,5 sec for women), or go through the shuttle run test 10×10 m within 28,5 sec (38 sec).

Endurance: men running 3 km within 14.30 min. Or 1 km in 4.20 min., or ski race 5 kilometers in 28 minutes. Women only run 1 km in 5.20 minutes.

Start training today! More than that, now at least you have one system for the training of strength and endurance which you already downloaded via the link on this page..

tacfit commando pdf


TACFIT Commando by Scott Sonnon


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