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By Donna Jean | March 25, 2019

Running is good for health, shape and mood. But it is difficult to run: aching muscles and joints, colitis in the side, many say, you can get an injury. By downloading the book “Run Lean, Run Strong” by Running Shoes Guru, you will discover all the secrets of correct and safe running: learn the proper technique, the right choice of the load, how to prevent the injuries. And even get an explanation of how to eat and drink when jogging. In reality, there’re lots of reasons to like running, it is no wonder one of the most popular types of training. Sport & Fitness Industry Association counted 13 million women around the world who regularly storm stadiums, forest trails and jogging paths. Most of the ladies are engaged by getting dream shapes, and we are well aware of the fact: about 100 calories per kilometer – this is serious. Danish scientists, moreover, promise that just 1.5-2 hours of jogging per week increases the life expectancy by approximately 6 years. So, how can you not run? According to a recent survey among more than 5,500 runners, 66% love this exercise because it increases resistance to stress and ability to deliver results, as well as improves health.

After 30 minutes of jogging many, especially newbies, fall into euphoria – the mood rises, and there is a determination to move mountains. And you can use it for your health. But despite the bright prospects, not everybody keeps running. For many it’s incredibly hard – sore muscles and joints, stress on the lungs, dry mouth, and other unpleasant symptoms, even up to fainting. And all because though it is a very natural thing, we must be able to deal with it – to learn and hone the technique and be aware of the subtleties of weight. That’s why you definitely need to download an e-book ‘Run Lean, Run Strong’. Thank you for attention!

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