Six Degree Flow

Have you ever thought about how to burn extra kilos in a month or two, to carve the perfect press, to build muscle? Such thoughts often come to mind in the spring, closer to the summer. After finding excess fat due to lack of exercise, and misuse of high-calorie food during the winter, we decide to get fit, for the summer we want to “show off” the muscles on the beach.

For those who always wanted to be in good physical shape, I recommend downloading Scott Sonnon’s manual as soon as possible. This fitness guide will make you a human with the model figure very soon! We can start our body for several years, justifying busy at work, having children, lack of time to visit the gym and many other reasons. Then we want to get in shape, as in the picture, just by visiting the gym for a couple of months.

Some are looking for some clever and not very effective diets on the internet and try torturing themselves by following them. People are looking for an easy way. What do I reply? Do not look for excuses for overeating for a long period of time. We are what we eat, literally. Weddings and other celebrations of friends – is not the reason. You have the right to choose what, when and where you eat.

It is necessary to monitor their diet and do it consistently, and not at the last moment. We need to change lifestyle, the choice of food should be guided not only by taste but also benefit. Training is just as important as diet, both are changing your body. One with another, but not individually. To get in shape, you have to change your lifestyle. Get started today and the next you’ll look decent, sporty and fit.

Six Degree Flow by Scott Sonnon

Six Degree Flow book cover
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