Running Technique Programme V2.0

There are a couple of common running technique mistakes that lead to knee injuries and significantly reduce the effectiveness of running. They are especially common in women. By the way, by downloading the course from Kinetic Revolution you will discover the really correct technique from professionals. You won’t find this information anywhere except in this course.

If you’ve ever been to the stadium, where they train young runners, among all the noise and din you would hear a characteristic exclamation of the coach saying to runners to put their right leg on top of the pedestal. Very often, novice runners are not raising their leg high enough and end up with their foot stuck on a pedestal.

It just slows down a runner because its speed at the same time seriously extinguished. And, perhaps more importantly, it’s hard for the knee, overloading the knee ligaments which in the long term leads to inflammatory processes. How to determine whether you are plugging the foot while running? Very simple: Plugging produces a distinctive shuffling sound. Thus, if during the run you shuffle – it means you’re plugging the leg. Running should be easy and silent, even if you slowly coward.

Getting rid of “sticking / shuffling” is simple enough. To do this, download the Kinetic Revolution’s book and see how this problem is solved by professionals. It is very easy to put the foot on the support just below your center of gravity and a little ahead of it. This is the famous “tread wheel”. It is the “tread wheel” that correctly generates the leg muscles, making them long and hardy. And these are the muscles of the legs which are doing good runners slim and light. I wish you, dear reader, to learn how to run properly!

Running Technique Programme v2.0 by Kinetic Revolution

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