Military, fire, police – special people, prepared for the most difficult tasks. Advanced technology, modern weapons are the main, but not the only means by which victory and execution of an order are achieved. Physical health and endurance are the qualities of the modern American military, without which it is impossible to carry service and carry out serious combat tasks.

Endurance training is perhaps the most difficult type of training that is practiced in the US Army, but each type of army has its own characteristics in addition to the similarities. By the way, the book by Scott Sonnon will make you a real Superman. The American school of training produces hardy superhumans. To the service in the army and special forces, there are quite strict requirements.

The result does not take long to wait: American soldiers, paratroopers, and special forces famously perform many kilometers marches. According to the stories of the instructors, who make the super-hardy fighters out of the ordinary guys, running is the basis of any physical training. You may not have a black karate belt, but you have to run fast and long. To train breathing and general endurance is best done every day by running.

This applies to army units and special forces. Shoot a soldier to teach, and you have to learn to run yourself. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but if you train the body day after day, then in a couple of months you will surely enter the rhythm and you will further improve the body, and with it the spirit. When running, try to take a short step. With a short step, the pelvic muscles will not be so loaded. Deliberation is also one of the key factors of a good long run and endurance training.

TACFIT 26 by Scott Sonnon

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