She Lifts

Most women are afraid of iron and simulators like fire. What if after strength training the size of your biceps will increase, shoulders will expand, and become like a man’s, and you will generally lose femininity in your figure? When hearing the words “trainer”, “dumbbell”, “boom” many envision a female cyborg, vaguely similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. All of this is speculation! Strength training makes the body not only fit but also a relief.

Press, elastic hips and arms without the “brawn” – isn’t this the dream of every fan of fitness? So let’s download the training program “She Lifts” by Mike Samuels already now. Your health is in your hands! I also want to dispel the myth of the terrible “Power fitness makes a masculine figure”. In fact, it is impossible in general, because every woman is protected from the possibility of an increase ( and “grow”) of genetical muscles.

Firstly, a high percentage of estrogen in the female body contributes to a smooth and very slow process of building muscles (chest muscle – is the result of the effect of the male hormone testosterone, which we do have in the body, but in a very, well, very little amount). Secondly, any woman has about two times more fat under the skin than men, and most of the fat is in the pelvis and hips. In women, muscle mass is only 30-35% of the total body weight, in men – about 10-12% more.

Features of physiques will never make a man out of the girls, even if she has developed enough muscle. Yes, lean body mass increases with strength training (as well as the total weight), but at the same time you burn volume fat cells, and the figure looks slim and trim. They not only have an effective reaction on the skeletal muscles but also strengthen the heart muscle and smooth muscles: it appears s a “muscular corset”, which firmly holds all the internal organs.

She Lifts by Mike Samuels

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