Defeat Bad Breath

The problem of a bad breath experienced by many, but not everyone knows how to check if there is bad breath. You find yourself in an awkward situation when someone indicates that your breath smells bad or politely offers mints with a meaningful smile. And you can only apologize and swallow a candy with your pride. But if you are a little prepared, you will be able to avoid this awkward situation in the future.

Like anybody odor, bad breath can be eliminated due to personal hygiene and certain knowledge. So let’s find out what causes bad breath and how to know if you have it. Well, to deal with this problem I recommend following the method presented in Selina Gai’s book “Defeat Bad Breath“. It helped my girlfriend. Now it’s your turn.

What causes bad breath?

The most common reason that causes bad breath is the dryness of the mouth. It occurs when you are drinking too little water, or sleeping, or traveling so that your body will slow saliva production. Dryness of the mouth leads to the death of cells in your tongue, which break down bacteria and this process causes bad breath.

Usually, bad breath is associated with the tongue, though the same process of splitting dead cells by bacteria can also occur in other parts of the mouth, for example, because of the food pieces, stuck between the teeth.

If you do not brush your teeth carefully, the same bacteria accumulate on the teeth and cause bad breath.

Another common reason is the products that you eat. We are all too familiar with the smell of garlic or onion and the smoker smell. Also, bad breath can cause crash-diets and starvation, because, according to the UK National Health Service, in this case, the body breaks down fats, releasing ketones that can cause odor.

Of course, this is not the only reason. Bad breath can also cause diseases such as xerostomia (dryness of the mouth caused by medication, or mouth breathing), throat infections and lung, liver or kidney disease, diabetes.

How to check whether you have bad breath?

As has been said, the unpleasant odor comes from your tongue, so you should start with it. You can determine by a glance. The pink and brilliant tongue as well, the white and rough tongue is bad. If you have a spoon at hand, you can scratch the tongue with the tip of the spoon, allow it to dry and then smell it. The verification of breath using h and does not work. Instead of breathing at hand, it is better to lick the back of your hand, allow it to dry for a few seconds and smell it.

Defeat Bad Breath by Selina Gai

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