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Prevention of diabetes must begin as early as possible. An adult must monitor conditions and diet. Children must be under the strict supervision of their parents in this regard. It is possible to cure diabetes completely, but in any case, the treatment will be long. That’s why there is a sense to think about the comprehensive measures of prevention.

Water Balance

Most often in the prevention of diabetes of any type people give the first place to the correct nutritional system, although this is not entirely correct. First of all, it is necessary to maintain a healthy water balance. First, the pancreas in addition to insulin should develop a water solution of the substance bicarbonate to neutralize the natural acids of the body. If there is dehydration, the priority is given to the production of bicarbonate; consequently, insulin production is temporarily reduced.

But the presence of large quantities of refined white sugar in food is a risk factor for diabetes. Second, the process of penetration of glucose into cells requires not only insulin but also the presence of water. Cells, as the whole body, consist of water by 75 percent. One part of this water when eating will be spent on the production of bicarbonate, another part to the absorption of nutrients. The process of insulin production and its perception by the body suffers at the result again.

There is a simple rule: drink two glasses of non-carbonated water in the morning and before each meal. It is a necessary minimum. You can’t consider the following popular products as the drinks, which restore water balance:

  • Carbonated beverages
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcohol

For cells all these products are harmful. By the way, if you have diabetes and you want to significantly improve your situation, make sure to download “The Defeating Diabetes Kit“. Yuri Elkaim’s guide has helped many people to feel much better.

Healthy Diet

Such prophylaxis is difficult for a modern man, but without a strict plant-based diet all other measures are virtually useless. You should significantly limit flour products and potatoes. At the risk of the disease, you should primarily stop eating sugar. It gives a significant load on the pancreas. In this case, all the energy is released quickly, and the feeling of satiety from these foods lasts a short time. So you should pay attention to the slow carbohydrates: legumes, cereals, leafy vegetables. It makes sense to stop eating after 18:00 for those who already have excess weight.

Perfect prevention for diabetes, in this case, would be to avoid meat, dairy and flour products. So the load on the pancreas will be minimal, the weight will gradually decrease, and you will look younger again. Those who are at risk of disease or already has some problems with the content of blood sugar levels should include the next products to their daily diet:

  • Greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Walnut
  • Paprika
  • Turnips
  • Beans
  • Citrus

Regular exercise is a guaranteed method of prevention of any disease. The most obvious reason for this interrelation is high cardio load. But there are other reasons. The fat cells lose their volume in a natural way and in the right quantities, and the cells of the muscles are maintained in a healthy and active condition. Thus glucose does not stagnate in the blood, even if there is some excess of it.

You need to do any kind of sports for at least 10-20 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be an active and exhausting exercise. For many people, it is difficult to sustain 30 minutes of physical exercise, and some just can’t find free 30 minutes. In this case, you can divide your physical activity into three sets of ten minutes throughout the day. No need to purchase exercise equipment or gym membership. You only need to slightly change your daily habits. Good ways to maintain your body and health in good shape are:

  • Walking up the stairs instead of using elevators
  • A walk in the park with friends instead of spending this time in a cafe
  • Active games with the kids instead of the computer
  • The use of public transport instead of the private car for the morning commute

Avoid Stress

Such a measure would be an excellent prevention of all diseases, not just diabetes. Avoid contact with negative-minded people. If this is unavoidable, control yourself and remain calm. Auto-trainings or training and consultations with experts can help in it.

Defeating Diabetes Kit by Yuri Elkaim

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