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Tooth pain is a signal of bad condition or even disease of your teeth. Tooth pain appears only at the moment when a pathological process is already developing, thus you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible.  Acute tooth pain appears totally unexpectedly. Such acute pain can be pulsating or even shooting, radiating to your ear, temple and other body organs. It’s incredibly hard to resist sharp tooth pain.

Which diseases can cause tooth pain:

Tooth pain can be caused by a wide range of different reasons. But dentists consider that a tooth (in the most common understanding) is a bone mineral formation, which can’t cause any pain itself. In fact, the tooth body covers sensitive nervous elements of it. When the tooth body is damaged, we start to feel such pains.

Tooth pain reasons:

  • In the majority of cases, tooth pain appears after a temperature, chemical or mechanic influence on the nervous apparatus of the dentoalveolar system or in case of destruction of tooth hard tissues, periodontal tissues, inflammation of the periosteum, jaws or soft tissues surrounding the jaw.
  • Tooth pain can also appear in case of irritation (warmth, cold, chemical substances or solid objects). Such type of tooth pain is more typical for caries and pulpitis. If the pain appears with no reason, it can be a sign of the pulp inflammation.

If tooth pain appears rapidly in case of irritation but disappears when such irritating action is over, it can be a sign of tooth hard tissue diseases, i.e. caries, destruction or hypersensitivity (increased tooth sensitivity).

  • At the early stages of caries, tooth pain is pretty weak and not constant, appearing only when an aching tooth is affected with cold, hot, sour or sweet food.

Such pain usually disappears after proper mouth washing. But you can’t just forget about it after using a mouthwash. The very first cases of pain are a signal of your body that you need to visit your dentist’s office immediately. The earlier you receive proper treatment, the more efficient and thriftily it will be. When caries reaches the tooth pulp, it causes pulpitis. By the way, don’t forget to download the guide by Alice Barnes. You will defeat any tooth pain once and forever.

  • Acute tooth pain is usually caused by pulpitis, i.e. the inflammation process of the pulp (a soft part of teeth). Pulpitis is caused by different bacteria and its toxins, which penetrate the pulp from the carious cavity in the tooth. The causative agent of pulpitis is streptococcus. Pulpitis can also be caused by damage of the tooth body or sharp temperature or chemical effects (acid or alkali).

Pulpitis is characterized by periodical pains, which usually appear at night. Acute inflammation of the pulp causes severe and paroxysmal pain. During the daytime, such pain appears after sharp temperature changes (as a reaction for cold or hot products or food).

– Acute partial serous pulpitis is characterized with pretty weak pain attacks, which last from 2 up to 5-7 minutes. Pain in such cases is usually appearing with no reason, using the very same unpredictable way of disappearing. But after 4-8 hours, a new pain attack takes place.

– During the further spread of infection, the patient faces acute diffuse pulpitis with pain attacks, which last for 10-15 minutes each. Partial seropurulent pulpitis is characterized by sharp, shooting pain, which usually appears in the case of cold temperatures.

– Sharp, tearing and pulsating tooth pain, radiating to temple and ear zones can be a sign of the most severe diffuse purulent form of acute pulpitis. In such cases, hot products or drinks can cause pain attacks, which cold ones won’t create any negative effect. That explains why some people are waking up at night, feeling acute pain and successfully decrease it by taking a full mouth of ice-cold water.

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