Driving Fear Program

Everyone who for the first time gets behind the wheel of a car, knows the feeling of fear about the fact that he will not cope with driving, will not be able to give an adequate assessment of traffic, that may lead to an accident, or he will simply fall into the absurd situation, for example, if the engine stalls at the intersection. Typically, confidence comes after some time when driving skills, which only come as the result of alone driving, will be achieved and fixed.

A person is always scared to do something the first time, so this problem should be considered from the point of view of psychology that will be very useful for novice drivers. There is always the opportunity to overcome the fear of driving, the main thing is to know how to do it. That’s why I offer you to download “The Complete Driving Fear Program“. This unique guide will allow you to get rid of the fear of driving once and for all.

Fear of driving is an ambiguous phenomenon. On the one hand – this is a very good idea because if a man experiences fear, he mobilizes all his forces, thus concentration on driving happens, on the other hand, fear can have a negative impact on human behavior. In practice it is not always possible to completely suppress this fear, the feeling passes by itself with getting of experience, but it requires control. You should experience fear just before the moment you sit behind the wheel, after that you must discard unwanted thoughts and tune in to for safe driving.

Novice drivers should plan their trips beforehand. Thus, going on the road by a known route, for example, home from the office, convince yourself that you have repeatedly driven on this road, you know every point here so everything should be good. Then try to imagine the entire upcoming route in detail, including even how you turn on the turn signal, and what position of the box transmission is set on a particular stretch of road. These reflections will give you confidence and help you to calm down, besides, your movement along the familiar route will bring your moves to automaticity over time.

There is a certain type of people, who is afraid of cars panicky and would never dare to get behind the wheel. They do not have any mental disorders, but just everyone has his own reason for fear. To drive or not to drive is an individual matter, and it does not make sense absolutely to teach these people to drive a car. There is also another category of people who can drive, in principle, but they do it so awkwardly and carelessly that their first driving is indistinguishable from the one hundred and first. These drivers typically have problems with reflexes and coordination; they also can have profound mental disorders.

Men usually experience less fear when driving than women, as they are friendlier with different kinds of equipment and have knowledge of the physical fundamentals of processes taking place in a car. Women imagine all this vaguely or have no idea at all, so they don’t even know why they should squeeze the clutch or why a car needs a gearbox. Most often this is the reason for fear. So it is necessary to study the structure of a car and understand what technically results in the movement of the vehicle and what the grounds for all actions are.

Often, to overcome the fear of driving a car, drivers apply the methods of self-hypnosis. When you get behind the wheel, you need to think only about the road and nothing else should disturb the driver. Self-hypnosis is carried out individually, depending on a certain psychological type. Some persons can quite simply cheer themselves up with good words like “let’s go” but the others need to enter into a meditative state with their eyes closed and think about something nice. However, the result should be one – you need to collect your thoughts and drive with a maximum concentration of attention.

Fear of driving a car never happens for any reason at all. If you’re afraid to make a turn, it means that this skill was not worked out enough for you. Instead of panic, you should go to the Autodrome and train there to get a positive result.

Driving Fear Program by Michael Ashford

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