The Effortless Conversation System

The Effortless Conversation System will help you to learn how to talk with girls easily and naturally. Men who know how to talk with a girl are worthy of applause. So what is their secret? Most men have attended no training on how to communicate with girls, and therefore they do not have enough experience in this field.

In addition, since many guys are not engaged in the development of communication skills with women, some of their attempts to communicate end up in painful rejection and self-evaluation problems. Past failures are reflected to the present and many men keep away from dating, flirting and love just to avoid another painful experiences.

Many guys believe that when they come to the girl, they will have nothing to say to her, or the conversation will quickly turn into an eerie, uncomfortable and awkward silence. When you talk to a girl, you can’t rely on a prepared script that goes beyond the first couple of words, because every conversation with the next girl will be different from the previous one.

Instead of relying on the stereotypical patterns, that still will not be superfluous at first, you should better strive to develop the ability to respond creatively to any event that may occur in the process of communicating with a girl. For some guys, this approach will seem intimidating. But in fact, to talk with a girl is the most natural thing that might exist in the world. However, most men are too fixated on their perfectionism in trying to talk their best.

Communication with a girl involves an invasion of her personal space. Therefore, all the words that you say during the conversation are of great importance. Even before she hears what you say to her, she will have time to evaluate your appearance; that will not play the main, but still an important role in your success or failure. Therefore, to communicate with the girl more effectively, you should have a neat and presentable look.

Feel yourself a seller and try to catch the way he might think. If you decide to “sell yourself” you should take care of good packaging at least. This does not mean that you have to dress like a Hollywood star, shining on the cover of a glamour magazine (although, why not), or to buy expensive clothes before you plan your conversation with a girl. Just dress appropriately so you don’t look like someone who just got out of bed.

When it comes to acquainting a girl on the street, it will be better if you approach her from the front. Therefore, it will allow her to see you before you address her. Do not forget that usually only robbers and maniacs sneak from the back. However, keep in mind that this is not a strict rule.

Body language can have both positive and negative impact on communication with a girl. You should look calm and relaxed at least. Keep your posture and head straight. You should not shake with excitement, look slouchy and watch something under your feet.

Do not forget that a smile can disarm the most hostile interlocutors. When you smile, people feel less wary, and it really helps to communicate with the girl. You should be a friendly person who doesn’t want to do any harm.

The Effortless Conversation System by Jon Sinn

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