Ejaculation By Command

For most men, premature ejaculation is the worst enemy in family life. It becomes a question ‘how I can continue the erection?’. There are a few simple ways to solve this kind of problem. The most important is not to get panic about that. Men of all ages are often faced with a problem like premature ejaculation.

The average sexual act lasts no more than 2 minutes and most women do not like such short sexual acts because they don’t have enough time to get orgasm. A man is very worried about his premature ejaculation, the reasons for which he did not know. Every man, even a few times faced with a similar situation, puzzled by the question – how long not to finish.

How serious is it?

You shouldn’t despair and give up on your family and sexual life. Everything can be correct if only the premature ejaculation isn’t the subsequence of prostatitis. Only in this case, it can be possible to become totally curing with proper treatment. Premature ejaculation isn’t an intractable problem. There are some modern efficient methods, which we describe in this article. The methods of prolonging the sexual act:

  • breathe deeply and evenly during the sexual act
  • 30 seconds before the “critical point” you can stop the sexual act to make the excitation less. In this way you can prolong your sexual intercourse by the time that your partner needs
  • compress the base of the dick when you feel the most point of excitation
  • the position when the man lies on his back is the most comfortable because the man can control his excitation
  • you can use the technology from the book “Ejaculation By Command“. Lloyd Lester’s guide is the best!

In order to prolong your sexual intercourse, you need to pull yourself together, gather the courage to read a few tips about how to prolong sexual intercourse.

First of all, and maybe the easiest is to use the condom during the sexual act. It greatly reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis, thanks to it, the erection occurs much later.

You can try to use the technique, which is popularly known as “compression technique.” When you feel that ejaculation is approaching, you should use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the penis slightly below the head. Actually, your partner can do that.

Train yourself not only in bed but also out of it. You need to learn how to contract the perineal muscles in the same way as you do it when you want to urinate. Only 15 cuts, 2 times during the day and it will greatly help you at the right time. Moreover, that’s not only in terms of quantity, but it’s also about quality.

Before starting the sexual intercourse, you can go to urinate to the toilet. Most men find this method effective because you significantly delay the ejaculation.

Fifth and the last method. To a long time to finish, you should have sex as much as possible. If you can make sex regularly, you will have no problem with rapid ejaculation.

The problem of premature ejaculation is not a judgment. If you have the desire, you will easily cope with this problem. I wish you to have a sexual act as long as possible! Thank you for your attention!

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