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Premature ejaculation is an encroachment on a man’s sexual confidence, where ejaculation occurs too early. This condition is one of the most common male ailments worldwide. At least once in a lifetime early ejaculation happens to every man, and this one single failure does not grab serious attention. However, if premature ejaculation occurs on a regular basis, a man can start to have anxiety, even may develop severe depression with exacerbates the primary pathological process.

Types of premature ejaculation

Depending on the causes of premature ejaculation, medicine defines there are two types of the male disorder: Primary premature ejaculation is innate and due to the malfunction of some of the nerve centers of the brain responsible for the normal function of the male reproductive system.

This type of disorder is rare, it is often caused by disorders in fetal development or birth trauma which problems manifest already during the very first sexual contact. Secondary premature ejaculation is the result of exposure to pathogenic factors (injuries, certain medications, infections). Fortunately, with adequate treatment, sexual function can be restored.

The causes of premature ejaculation

All the causes of this disorder can be divided into 4 groups: organic, which is possessing the core of any organic (pathological) process (chronic vesicles urological diseases, trauma, lumbosacral spine, prostatitis, hormonal disorders, and poisoning from harmful substances, etc.).

Physiological (individual sensitivity of the skin of the head of the penis, prolonged abstinence, a new partner, sex with a very beautiful woman, a lack of magnesium in the diet). Psychological (fear, stress, lack of a trusting relationship with a partner). Genetic (if this hitch has occurred on the paternal side of the family, the risk of early regular ejaculation increases).

If premature ejaculation occurs once in a while for no apparent reason, it is possible to increase sexual stamina using special techniques that increase the duration of sexual intercourse. One of these techniques is described in the book Ejaculation Trainer. You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you can cure premature ejaculation at home with the method from the author Matt Gorden.

According to the World Health Organization, ejaculations that occur within the first 1 minute after the beginning of the act can be called premature. The extreme manifestation of premature ejaculation is ejaculation occurring before the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

Relative premature ejaculation occurs from 1 to 3 minutes after the beginning of intercourse. According to the literature, the average frictional period should be from 2 to 10 minutes. In Germany, the duration of intercourse was 7 minutes.

Averages in the UK, France, and Italy account for about 9.6 minutes. The highest average duration of intercourse is in the US which is 13 minutes. Women considered a normal duration of sexual intercourse before ejaculation to be an average of 11 minutes.

There is no time criteria onset of ejaculation. In some cases, sexual intercourse may last less than 1 minute and bring satisfaction to both partners. So, if sexual partners are satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation of the talk is recommended, and therefore treating it is not necessary.

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