Money Shot Maximizer

Many watching porn movies see as a hero abundantly ends on the girl’s face, filling it with a lot of sperm. Of course, it excites a man, and many women too. Do you want to do the same? Then be sure to download the guide by Michael Stefano. Most often, men end up not so abundant – 2 or 3 drops of it. And as if she did not try to milk it to the end, and the sperm is over. How to increase the sperm count?

After reading Michael’s manual, you get a very detailed answer to this question. But first, let’s define why do you need to increase the amount of semen during sexual intercourse. If you want to finish liberally on the face of your girl it is one thing. But sometimes it is necessary to increase sperm count and to increase the likelihood of getting a child. Immediately it is worth noting that during intercourse is thrown ejaculate, not sperm.

The ejaculate contains sperm. The number and volume of semen can be changed: first of all, it depends on the genetic characteristics, health status of the body of a man and, recently, on the frequency of sexual intercourse. In order to determine the percentage of the content in the seminal fluid semen analysis should be done. This type of test is used in medicine to determine the cause of infertility in many couples.

Because it is not a secret, that infertility affects not only women. Many men, after watching porn videos, start from complexes due to an insufficient volume of semen. They begin to doubt their male power. And it all goes in vain! Shooting the love scenes when the actors come to the assistants help add to the seminal fluid means, it looks very similar to the male sperm. I wish you great fun in bed, my friends!

Money Shot Maximizer by Michael Stefano

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