Eliminate Potty Mouth

By Donna Jean | March 6, 2019

Melissa CarrollOf course, dog eating feces of animals and humans is causing disgust and revulsion of their owners. However, this habit is dangerous primarily for dogs and, of course, requires correction and treatment. So I suggest you download the book “Eliminate Potty Mouth” by Melissa Carroll and immediately begin weaning your dog from this bad habit. The methodology presented in this e-book is very effective. You will achieve a positive result as soon as possible. By the way, a lot of viral diseases of dogs are spread through feces and urine of the infected animal. Eating feces can also lead to infection with worms. But before you start treatment caecotrophy and correcting unwanted dog behavior, you need to understand the reasons because of which the dog is tempted to eat feces. Here it is necessary to make a reservation, because scientists still do not know all the reasons prompting the dogs to eat the feces.

However, in most cases, this bad habit is caused by the following main reasons: a lack of micronutrients in the diet, attracting an attention of the owner, maternal behavior in lactating females, pancreatic insufficiency, infectious diseases of dogs. If caecotrophy is caused by lack of attention, it is necessary to make a punishment, as this may result in a worsening of the habit to eat feces, and the dog will receive from you what she needs – your attention, even if it’s expressed in a form of punishment. If you manage to do it, and the dog came up to you by a command – he lavishly hosted its delicacy, then try to switch it’s attention, to divert the game, executing commands, etc. Always take his favorite toy and waist bag with delicacy on a walk. In any case, for successful correction of behavior – positive reinforcement in the form of games, training and delicacies, will work much more productive than a punishment, even the strictest one.

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