Beekeeping 101

Thousands of people in the US alone have been learning the ancient craft of beekeeping, not only to help support the dwindling population of our honeybees but also to pad their pockets with plenty of profit as the “shop local” movement has exploded in popularity.

There aren’t many things more rewarding as far as hobbies are concerned then sitting on your back porch, looking out over your beehives, and watching as honeybees flit from one flower to the next – collecting pollen that will inevitably be turned into honey – delicious, organic, home “grown” honey!

You’ll be able to let the honeybees handle all of the heavy lifting for you, only having to go out every now and again with a hive tool that lets you pop individual frames from each individual hive and scrape out just as much delicious honey as you need right then and there – with plenty of extra available to bring to any of your local farmers markets or shops.

Best of all, the process of becoming a beekeeper really couldn’t be any more simple or straightforward – as long as you have the Beekeeping 101 ebook at your disposal!

Bees, after all, are self-sustaining and really only require a fraction of your time and an even smaller fraction of your money. You do have to work to keep them disease-free ( and that’s the hardest part), but with all of the inside information contained within Nick Winters’ manual even that becomes practically effortless.

At the end of the day, if you’ve been looking for a way to better connect with the natural world around us while at the same time helping to fight back against the devastation that has hit the domestic honeybee population – and make a considerable amount of money for next to no upfront or ongoing investment almost on autopilot – you owe it to yourself to have a closer look at everything the Beekeeping program has to offer.

Beekeeping 101 by Nick Winters

Beekeeping 101 book cover
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