Ted’s Woodworking Plans

Due to historical traditions, and sometimes because of the unavailability or general ignorance of new construction technologies, and partly because of all sorts of legends, and also because of the mentality of people, construction of houses and other goods come from natural materials such as wood.

Wooden houses are still in great dem and in modern times. Serious framing has nothing in common with a country house for the summer season. The durability and aesthetics of such houses, including everything you need for a safe and comfortable life, is directly dependent on the use of modern construction technology and the imagination of the owner.

In spite of centuries spent on the advancement of technology, the construction of wood is quite an important process and requires highly skilled workers (which are actually hard to find, unfortunately). The raw materials play an important part, as it needs attention in the process of preparation and construction, and in the continued use in the home.

Of all the types of wood, most preference is placed on softwood pine, thanks to the numerous qualities it possesses. This type of wood greatly simplifies the construction of the house; the benefits include having a small number of knots, its lightweight, and pine has a straight trunk.

In addition, pine is more affordable. Its benefits also can be included when pine is still a raw material: its strength, density, and resistance to shrinkage can are all great attributes. Attention should be given to the place of origin of the pine wood.

As for the construction of a wooden barn or house, it is more appropriate to use Scots pine (limber and resinous). It grows mostly in the north. The wood is dense and long, almost a cylindrical shaft (not a “carrot”). Building this type of pine is pretty easy and the home should come out neat and smooth.

While pine from southern latitudes is used mainly for decorative purposes, or for the paper and furniture industries. They have a short gnarled trunk. From it, you can cut it only into relatively short parts. But southern pine wood is very decorative.

The so-called Scotch pine is up to 40 meters in length and has 10% humidity resistance, 690 kg / cm3 volume weight – 0.55, which is prevalent in many parts of America. This type of pine and limber pine are very popular among builders. Thus, limber pine does not exceed 25 m in length. It has good mechanical properties, it’s soft and limber, which is not a bad characteristic as a construction material.

This wood can make big structural elements that have already ornamental value. For the facade and the environment, the texture of the tree serves as a big plus. Log building baths or house of pine will be built to last and will not require repair and replacement logs. For the right choice of building a wooden construction, consult a specialist.

Ted Mcgrath is a true expert in the field of the construction of small buildings made of wood. That’s why I’m glad to offer you the download of his plans, which you can transform into the reality of any of your ideas. Remarkable projects with very clear instructions to follow!

All those who used the selection enjoyed the feeling of pride when they created things by hand, such as bookshelves, side tables, and other wooden products. It’s time to build wooden products with your own hands. Download this woodworking guide right now. Thank you!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans by Ted Mcgrath

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