The Cat Language Bible

How to talk to cats? How to understand their language and how to explain the kitten, what do you want from it? The guide by Jonas Jurgella dedicated to all the cat lovers. The information that you will find in it will cause you satisfaction. After all, you will be able to fully communicate with your favorite pet. A person can have many friends. Or just a few, but the most trusted ones.

But there are many friends who are always waiting in the house, paying attention to you, but at the same time go everywhere by themselves. Of course, we are talking about cats. Often the owner regrets that he can’t hear the thoughts of his furry friend and is not able to understand him. Even though, many of the signals sent by the pet can be still understood.

We just need to understand it at least a little bit with the help of Jonas Jurgella’s manual. Each “meow”, said by your cat, waving of a tail, twitching of an ear or something else has a meaning. Not being able to use human speech, the cat is trying to get to the owners in their own way. And you, as a good friend, should learn how to understand it. One of the basic gestures that can mean completely different signs, is licking. For example, if the cat starts to lick itself when you scolded him – it means he is confused.

If he is licking your hand – he’s in a good mood. Cats are not able to speak, as it’s completely unnecessary for them. They are quite capable of expressing all the emotions by using body language and facial expressions. This is why communication with the cat comes to understanding his gestures and actions, and there’s a whole range of them. So do not lose time in vain, and after downloading the book from Jonas Jurgella, begin to scrutinize every page of this manual. Your kitty Donna Jean:)

The Cat Language Bible by Jonas Jurgella

Cat Language Bible book cover
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