My Survival Farm

Clouds are again gathering over global economics. Analysts are already talking about the repetition of the 2008 adverse scenario. The reason for pessimism in the markets became the results of the next two-day meeting of the Fed, where no significant stimulus measures have been taken. In a statement, the Fed did not revise the forecast for US economic recovery and noted “significant downside risks” to the global economy because of the situation on the financial markets.

In connection with the next economic crisis, the growth of prices of goods and products, many landowners are puzzled with questions: Is it possible to feed themselves from their garden, whether it is economically profitable, what vegetables are the best to grow in the country?

Based on the practical experience of author Dan F. Sullivan, we can say with certainty that you will be easily able to provide yourself with vegetables and fruits in the presence of certain knowledge in the field of crop. To gain access to this unique in its kind information, be sure to download the guide by Dan Sullivan. It is written in a very easy and understandable language. Growing vegetables with this manual will help you collect up to 8 harvests per year.

However, a lot depends on the area of residence and climatic conditions. At one point, so to speak, will put a stick, it will bear fruit, and on the other site, you will have to import black earth, to build a greenhouse, etc. We must clearly know what and when to plant. What crops will grow in your area, and which will be problematic. Be sure to calculate the number of landings on demand, based on the number of family members. Pre-think over what to do with the surplus not to throw grown-ups in the trash. Thank you!

My Survival Farm by Dan Sullivan

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