Red Eared Slider Secrets

Believe it or not, almost all red-eared sliders can live between 45 and 60 years – but the overwhelming majority of them will not live any longer than two years for a handful of really simple, really straightforward, and really easy to avoid mistakes you don’t ever have to make again.

A lot of people that dive headfirst into the world of owning red-eared sliders are shocked to learn just how “frail” these turtles are, shocked and stunned to learn that most of them aren’t going to live any longer than two years – something that even non-turtle owners know is just a little bit fishy.

Thankfully, by making a handful of changes to the way that you take care of your sliders, you will be able to dramatically improve not only their longevity – easily increasing their lifespan to upwards of 45 years or more – but you’ll also improve their overall quality of life at the exact same time.

You see, the author behind this program – the Red Eared Slider Secrets – has been breeding these kinds of turtles for more than a decade now. He understands how important it is to closely mimic the natural habitat of these turtles (replicating the bottom of moving water like creeks and rivers, ponds and lakes rather than just stuffing them in a fish tank in the living room), but he also understands and conveys just how important it is to feed your ready at sliders the same kind of food as well – mealworms, crickets, crayfish, flies, tadpoles, and more.

You’ll also learn just how important it is to get your turtles as much sun as possible, how to understand their behavior so that you can make adjustments to their environment to improve their quality of life, and how to make a handful of very subtle changes to their environment that can heal them from even some of the most potentially dangerous and disastrous health issues that these turtles can face. Check out Chris’ ebook today and dramatically extend the life of your turtle while making it a better life to live at the exact same time.

Red Eared Slider Secrets by Chris Johnson

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