Emotional Hook Formula

All these humans who chasing in life always run away. This is especially true for the man. With one small exception: in case if you hunting him in black lace underwear he will first have sex with you and then run away.

Why man escape in such cases? They are running away because the behavior of women does not say that she respects herself a lot. The relationship is on the early stage and relation between partners is shallow. And women are putting on the table her strongest cards.

In fact, with such behavior, women assure a man in one of two facts. Either she is desperate to find a partner or she is ready to be in relation with any man, or even both at the same time. And it quenches his interest more than anything else. As soon as man stops respecting women because she does not respect herself, he is losing a desire to be closer. And then it does not matter whether she wearing black underwear or not.

The girl of his dream does not try to please anybody. That is why women, in which man falls in love for real, for sure will not cook a lavish lunch or dinner for him. Unlikely, she will serve food in the exquisite porcelain dishes. In the best case scenario, he can count on one dish (popcorn, most likely).

The porcelain plates – it is a luxury; plastic bowl – it is enough for him. She will just ask: „How do you prefer – right out of the plastic bag or I should put it in the bowl?“. Six months later, the same woman will finally cook dinner and serve it warm. And what man will say? „Wow, the situation is not in so bad“

Even if the plate will be just plain pasta. Man will say: „This is the best pasta I ever ate in my life! “. And then he will feel like a king. The difference is how much time and effort he will need to put in the relation.  We value more what we get with hard work. Do you want to win the heart of any man easily? Download Aaron Fox’s and Elaine Chase’s book Emotional Hook Formula via the link on the bottom of this page. I succeed in it. Now it is your turn!

Women because of which man are climbing on the walls, does not have something special. Often they are not paying attention to that man.  It is not about playing some games or manipulate with other people. You need to determine whether you are demanding and dependent or want to be an equal partner in the relationship. The main thing for you is to be yourself in any relationship.

What will happen if one day you will make clear to a man that you are ready to listen to his demands? He will instantly think that you are desperate and will want to see for how long you are willing to follow his demands. It is human nature. He immediately will start to test you. The more flexible you are, the higher his demands will be.

Good girls must understand the things which b*tches already knows. The wish to please any demands and fulfill any desire weaken respect for you from man’s side. Practically, you are destroying attractiveness with your own hands. Your relationship is doomed, and it’s just about how long it will last.

Emotional Hook Formula by Aaron Fox & Elaine Chase

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