The End Of Gout

The most common and a complex form of arthritis is called gout. It can affect almost anyone. Mostly, it is characterised by severe and sudden attacks of redness, pain, swelling and tenderness in one joint or a group of joints. This condition mostly occurs in the joint of big toe.

The attack of gout may occur suddenly. In most cases, you can feel that big toe of your body is burning. This feeling is enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. The affected part ( big toe or some other joints) is swollen, hot and tender that even the weight of a bedsheet might be intolerable for you. Shelly Manning’s eBook “The End Of Gout” can help prevent gout attacks.

The symptoms associated with gout might come and move away. But, there are many ways to prevent flares and manage the symptoms of gout.

Symptoms of Gout:

There are many symptoms associated with the condition of gout. The most common of them are:

Joint Pain: In most of the cases, gout affect the big toe of your body. But in rare cases, gout can also occur in some other joints. The other most commonly affected joints include knees, fingers, wrists, ankles and elbows. In most cases, the joint pain becomes intense (severe) after four to twelve hours of the beginning of the condition.

Redness and Inflammation: Redness and inflammation on the affected area is very common in this disease. Mostly, the affected joints or part of joints become, swollen, warm, red and tender.

Lingering Discomfort: Intense pain can lead to lingering discomfort. The condition of discomfort may last from a few days to almost a week. Later, some attacks are most likely to last longer affecting more joints.

Limited movement or motion of the affected joints: The progression of gout is associated with limited of the affected joint or no movement at all. You are unable to move your joints as freely as you can in normal circumstances.

Causes of Gout:

Gout mostly occurs due to accumulation of urate crystal in joints. This can cause immense pain and inflammation. These crystals are formed when there are high levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is formed by the break down of purines in the body by enzymes. Purines are naturally occurring substances in a human body. Enzymes are proteins and they catalyze reaction happening in a human body.

Purines are available in foods as well like liver of animals (goat, cow, buffalo, etc.) and red meat. Purines can also be found in sea foods. Some of them are mussels, scallops, sardines, anchovies, tuna and trout. Certain beverages like beer, alcohol and beverages sweetened with fructose ( a fruit sugar) promotes high levels of this acid in a human body.

Normally, uric acid is broken down in the human blood and it passes by the kidneys in urine. But in some cases, either a human body produce volumes of uric acid or the kidneys are involved in the excretion of a very low amount of uric acid. When this process happens, uric acid will thrive in a human body. This will form sharp, small, needle like crystal of urate in a joint and the tissues surrounding the joints causing inflammation, pain and swelling on that area.

The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning

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