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By | July 13, 2018

Jill Coleman - #FastPhysique course authorDo you dream of bringing the figure in order in a couple of months? Stop dreaming – it’s time to act! And for this, please be patient with the time and advice of an expert from the #FastPhysique course. Jill Coleman, by its example, will show you unique exercises for losing weight, which gives tremendous results in their systematic implementation. In summer we are much more worried about how to quickly lose weight and at the same time pull up the problematic parts of the body. And as usual, we are looking for miracle ways to do this at best in a couple of weeks – a maximum of a month. But miracles do not happen. It’s impossible to put the body in order in such a short time, says fitness trainer Jill Coleman. At best, you will manage to lose weight. But as you quickly lose weight, just as quickly you’ll gain it back (after you start eating according to the usual system) and even with an excess.

Over a slender and smart figure, you need to “work” 2.5-3 months. And you should change the strategy: first to focus on the performance of strength exercises, and a month and a half alternate them with aerobic (treadmill, elliptical and exercise bikes). Perform exercises for certain parts of the body: the legs and buttocks, hands, back and chest and abdomen are better on different days. For example, on Monday and Friday – exercises for the legs, the environment – exercises for the hands, shoulders, back and stomach. Give preference to basic – multi-joint exercises. They help to get rid of calories faster. Although it is more difficult to perform them, the result will please you. And do not forget to perform stretching exercises at the end of each workout for 10-15 minutes. Expert advice: Do not constantly weigh yourself. Weight is not the most important indicator when you put your body in order. You can have a “big” weight, but at the same time look slim and taut. Good luck!

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