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How to eat to lose weight? Find out all the truth from Mike Geary’s e-book right now! There are many different theories about how to bring your body into shape. Some people prefer not to eat after six, others exhaust themselves with hard diets, and some simply refuse to eat sweets. The correct solution to this issue may not be the choice of a particular diet, but the transition to proper nutrition. Learn what you need to eat to lose weight, and how to choose for yourself a comfortable diet.

What is proper nutrition for weight loss

The principles of proper nutrition, many nutritionists call a free diet. This is one of the most popular directions for the normalization of weight. In the modern world, the concept of proper nutrition is interpreted differently. Some argue that for this it is necessary to completely abandon meat, bread, sweets. The proposed technique does not require such victims. All that needs to be done is to adhere to some recommendations and make a proper diet.

A balanced diet improves metabolism, thereby contributing to weight loss. This mode will be optimal for people who have digestive problems, patients suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, diabetes. Natural products with moderate content of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates will help improve performance and improve mood.

How to eat to lose weight

To lose weight, adhering to a balanced diet, really, the main thing is to take into account the body’s need for calories and its daily activity. The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are to replace high-calorie, fatty and fried foods with healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals, and eliminate snacks on the go.

With all the recommendations and the calculation of calories, proper nutrition helps to lose weight on average by 5-7 kg per month, depending on the characteristics of the body. The following tips from experienced nutritionists will help you understand the essence of the diet and learn the principles of its construction.

The energy value of food per day should correspond to the cost of the organism. For people with obesity, the total caloric content of dishes should not exceed 900-1000 kcal. The standard rate of energy value for people with moderate activity is 1200 kcal, for athletes – 1600-1900 kcal.

The chemical composition of products must fully meet the needs of the body. Try to eat a variety of foods with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and other necessary macro or micronutrients. Learn to abide by diet. You should eat in small portions, but often, at regular intervals

Basic rules of nutrition

Proper nutrition for weight loss – this is not a diet, in the classic sense of the word. This is a way of life so the rules will have to be observed regularly. They are not burdensome, in order to assimilate them, you just need a desire to succeed: Drink enough water. You can calculate the required volume of fluid using a special application on your phone or use the standards.

The norm is 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day, taking into account tea, compote, water or other beverages. Follow the regime clearly. Do not allow yourself to snack on the go, even if there was a slight feeling of hunger. Over time, the body will get used to getting the right food at the right time.

Properly choose products. Not all of them go well together. Find, print, and hang a compatibility table on the fridge. When buying food, carefully study the composition. The less there all will be listed, the more useful and natural product will be. Bake, not fry – this is the main rule of proper nutrition.

During frying, you use a lot of vegetable oil or animal fat, which is invariably deposited in the body. If you want to lose weight, cook for a couple, in the oven or use fresh food.

Season salads not with mayonnaise, but with a spoon of olive, linseed or sesame oil mixed with lemon juice. It should be eaten in small portions, with small plates. The maximum interval between meals (not taking into account sleep) is 4 hours. Chew food thoroughly, do not get distracted by reading the newspaper, browsing the web from a smartphone or watching TV.

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