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Read the Fat Diminisher guide and discover the unique overweight control system from Wesley Virgin. Everyone knows that excess weight is harmful to health. But what exactly is it harmful? For which diseases is it a risk factor? At what point is it worth sounding the alarm? And how to lose weight correctly? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the e-book below.

How to determine if a person has excess weight? Ideas about the ideal figure depend on the aesthetic ideas of each individual person. But there is also a strict medical indicator – body mass index: weight (in kilograms) is divided by height (in meters), squared. If the resulting number is less than 20, then the weight is reduced.

From 20 to 25 – the norm. From 25 to 30 – the weight is overweight, but it promises only aesthetic suffering, there is no big threat to health. But if the body mass index is more than 30, the person will inevitably begin health problems caused by obesity.

It would seem quite logical: the more fat we eat, the more it will accumulate at the waist. However, the body is much more complex, the calories from fat are assimilated and deposited in the reserves on the sides is not so easy and fast as from the “fast” carbohydrates: sugar, candy, baking.

If we talk about specific products, the main cause of obesity in most cases is the abuse of sugar, white bread, buns, and cakes, cakes, – our expert says. – But when people go on a diet and try to limit sugar, they will be disappointed on the shelves with “dietary” products.

Many people choose cookies and sweets on fructose – if it is intended for diabetics, it is definitely useful and helps to lose weight. In fact, fructose is very insidious. – If glucose, to get into the cell, you need insulin (a hormone that produces the pancreas), then fructose, like a bully, itself knocks out the door to the cell. Therefore, a person from a large amount of fructose will be spread like yeast.

As for other sweeteners, many doctors categorically do not recommend xylitol. There is also evidence that aspartame in large quantities – for example, if you drink a lot of soda “light” – can cause depression. Researchers consider stevia to be the safest among sugar substitutes for today. But in any case, if you need to lose weight, try to minimize any “fast” carbohydrates, doctors advise.

Fat Diminisher System by Wesley Virgin

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