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By Rochelle Ben | March 25, 2019

Before you will begin learning Wesley Virgin’s weight loss techniques I want to introduce few advices that along with his Fat Diminisher program will help you to achieve greater result.

1. Train when you are already tired

Great news: Now to loose weight you don’t need to be killing yourself with weight bar, only on the first go. Scientists from Canadian McMaster University found out that during the training you loose weight faster when your muscles are already tired – your body has to use reserves which results in burning fat. Our method is: take any exercise with weights, lowering your exercise repetition from 15 to 12 and to 8 (Have a weight set up that on the first go in the 15 repetitions you will have your last reps from your all power resources with shaking hands). Have a 60 seconds rest in between exercises. Have in mind, that participants of this method lost 3.5 kg in 30 days having went to gym only three times a week.

2. Get rid of beliefs

Obviously, you can loose weight on famous dietary methods of Atkis and Dukan. You know yourself, that you will need to stay away from carbohydrates and go on proteins. But there is bad news: Magazine “The Journal of the American Medical Association” wrote that, protein diet increases a risk of hormonal disorders which lead to having cardio vascular and hearth related problems. You don’t want to get a hearth attack before 2018 Olympic Games in Korea?

So there for you one more experiment: Two groups of volunteers four weeks in a raw where given same amount of calories, but first group was sitting on fat-free diet (with fats they where only getting 20% of energy), and second group was given food with low glycaemic index which gives you a feeling of fullness for long time and doesn’t boost sugar levels in the blood.

So only by taking low glycaemic index food in the body absorbs slower even with some force, because of this second group where burning 150 calories more than the group which was on low-fat diet, which in a year equals to 8,3 kg weight loss. Have a breakfast today with beans roasted whole grain bread, it will give you energy to find on the Internet a list of other foods with a low GI for lunch and dinner.

3. Bring in friends

Have you ever heard of a chain reaction – this is unloosing technology in gaining motivation, which is being used by psychologists? in our case it is being used in social media. Magazine Obesity research and Clinical Practice (Netherlands) published a result of test: Regular posts on Facebook about your progress on how you loose weight, can boost up your progression by 20%. Feeling of additional responsibility in front of an audience of a biggest social network will stop you next time when you will try to reach a cake from your fridge at night. And if someone will want to follow your example it will be even more better according to a research.

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