Fightbody Formula

By | February 16, 2019

The FightBody Formula is a workout program developed by Lee Johnson and the Bermuda Triangle. The fat burning guide can help men and women lose weight in just twenty eight days. The workout program does not require a fully equipped gym. Men and women can work out at their home. It is a special jab-cross combo that triggers the natural ability of the human body to burn fat, twice as fast as with other workouts.

The FightBody Formula is unlike other training and workout programs that require long jogs and sixty to ninety minutes of various types of exercises. The concise workout routine uses high intensity exercises to trigger the fat burning process. Men and women will be able to exercise with greater intensity, sweat more and lose fat in a short span of time every day. The guide does not warrant a seven day workout routine. Working out for three days a week can help people lose several pounds in a span of seven to twenty one days.

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The FightBody Formula is specifically designed for men and women aged thirty and above, who are more prone to weight gain and the most of it is in the form of fat. There is no need to buy any special equipment. There is no stringent dietary restriction. One does not have to bid adieu to socializing, having fun, indulging in sweet treats and even alcohol. The program has three workouts: Fight Circuit, Fighter Ladder and Fighter Century.

The program includes Quickstart Guide, Dead-Simple Fat Loss Instruction Manual, Supercharge Your Metabolism, Done-For-You Meal Plans, The FightBody Grocery List, The Fat Fighting Cookbook, Workout Calendar, Video Tutorials, Fight Circuit Audio Training, Progress Tracker and Lifetime Access To The FightBody Formula Community Group. There are two packages of FightBody Formula. White Belt is priced at $12 and Black Belt is priced at $15. Download now!

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