How To Make Him Desire You

Perhaps, every woman wants to conquer a man, but not everyone knows how to do it. Brew a love potion? Get rid of all competitors? Make a couple of hundred plastic surgeries? As we know, love is a mysterious thing, and sometimes the strangest things help to win her.

Nevertheless, there are general guidelines that can be given to girls who wish to win a man’s heart. The best recommendations are given in the book How to Make Him Desire You. Personally, I have got what I wanted using Alex Carter’s guide. Please, read a few tips for seducing men.

Be beautiful

The man first drew attention to the appearance of the girl, and then to her inner world. If you want to attract the attention of the representative of the stronger sex, watch yourself. Visit the beauty salons, make styling in the morning, and do not forget to apply makeup. You must forget the words ” and so will do”: a woman must be perfect; no matter millions will see her or only one person will.

Be different from the others

Beauty as well, but do not forget that there is a great number of lovely women. In order that a man chose you, you must be different from the others. This does not mean you have to immediately run to the hairdresser and to dye your hair green: it is enough to come up with a couple of the original gestures.

Watch your gait

You may think that your gait is secondary: killer high-heeled shoes will attract the attention of men by themselves. This is certainly true, but not quite. Representatives of the stronger sex will notice your legs and your desire to please, but they will not see the ease in you. Remember, a woman who is able to walk in slippers nicely looks better than a clumsy lady in shoes.


Men love when the girl’s face shines with a smile. It is easy to explain: it is nice to talk to a friendly person. No wonder friendly people are often compared to the sun: they give light and heat like a great luminary.

Be well-groomed

Never allow yourself to appear before a man in a faded robe and with matted hair. It doesn’t matter if you have the mood to dress up or not, don’t pull shabby sweater and jeans. Respect others, understand that they hate to see a slovenly person. If you spend the extra thirty minutes to freshen up, your bad mood will not worsen, but maybe even become better.

Don’t be aggressive

Men are afraid of women who show excessive activity. They do not like to be the prey, because they used to consider themselves hunters. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to observe how your partner is trying to conquer you.

Don’t get smart

A woman, who knows about everything and shows it at every opportunity, is not perceived by men as a potential companion. They may respect her, but they will unlikely decide to begin to build a relationship with her. Why? She is self-contained; she also knows more than they do. You should understand that the stronger sex is hard to accept the fact that they are worse than ladies in men’s affairs.

Don’t pretend that you don’t need men

The inaccessibility may be attractive, but it is not always. It’s one thing when a woman shows a man that it is not so easy to win her, and it is the other thing when she shows her indifference to him.

How To Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter

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