Hypnotic Meditation

Weight loss meditation can work wonders, especially when the reason for being overweight is not occasional overeating, but habitual over-nutrition. Robert Schwartz, an American fitness trainer, says that stout people will always find an infinite number of reasons for another snack, while slim and fit will find only one, which is genuine hunger.

Thoughts are material; we can often hear this phrase, and every time we see that it is true when our thoughts start to materialize. Therefore, our wishes coming true depend on us, all we should do is to have a strong will for what we want. Incidentally, a new weight loss program The Hypnotic Meditation by Makayla Leone has appeared recently. It consists of 5 audio parts. Listening to it you’ll be able to change the habits of your brain and you’ll start losing weight.

What is the essence of meditation?

Meditation is based on the concentration of your feelings and sensations; it helps to understand the needs and demands of your body: e.g. to stop having meals when you are not hungry, to stop eating to take away negative emotions, to overcome boredom and to reward your self for a successfully completed business. Most of the meditative techniques can be practiced in a complex with other weight loss programs, for example, sports training.

Meditation is a special way of psychological self-persuasion serving to invigorate one’s confidence in his powers and to form the qualities needed for it. If you want to lose weight with the help of meditation it’s enough to frame a clear motivation and stop reproving yourself for every eaten chocolate.

Set a concrete goal which is weight loss, and this aim should be absolutely real. Such goals as “to get my weight down by 25 kilos in a month” or “I’m a superstar” won’t do, a better formula is “I’ll be training off slowly, but for certain”.

Communicate with your body – tell it about your love, how you want to see and to feel it, ask it to become slimmer, light and desirable. Be positive, make a promise to yourself to do something desired to have even the littlest success (a relaxing bath or a massage, solarium or SPA visit).

The Hypnotic Meditation by Makayla Leone

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